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Correct spelling: coast

Definition of coast:

  1. The margin of the land next the sea; the sea- shore; the exterior line, limit, or border of a country.
  2. To sail by or near to; to keep close to. The coast is clear, the danger is over; the enemy has departed.
  3. To sail near the shore, or in sight of land; to sail from port to port in the same country; to slide down snow or ice on a sledge.

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Quotes for coast:

  1. The Coast Guard has long been known as the armed service that gets more done for less.
  2. I grew up in Newquay, on the Atlantic coast and there developed a love of the sea and boats.
  3. Thirty percent of the Nation's energy comes off the gulf coast.
  4. But then again in the East Coast, I think, Tupac, inspired everybody on the East Coast, everybody down south, everybody in the West Coast you know what sayin'.
  5. Cows, after leaving the low lands near the coast, are found to be plentiful everywhere, and to produce milk in small quantities, from which butter is made.

Rhymes for coast:

  1. host, post, toast, boast, coste, ghost, most, ost, dosed, grossed, roast;
  2. engrossed, riposte;
  3. diagnosed;
  4. misdiagnosed;