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How To Spell coastal?

Correct spelling: coastal

Definition of coastal:

  1. located on or near or bordering on a coast; "coastal marshes"; "coastal waters"; "the Atlantic coastal plain"

List of misspellings for coastal:

  • cystal,
  • costl,
  • cousnel,
  • cottsdale,
  • coatail,
  • castals,
  • youstill,
  • cusal,
  • workstyle,
  • castesl,
  • coastel,
  • castell,
  • castl,
  • costlly,
  • gospital,
  • wxactly,
  • consutilly,
  • cofortale,
  • forstall,
  • costlyy,
  • caital,
  • cousul,
  • scocietal,
  • coultual,
  • casaul,
  • subcosstall,
  • conitual,
  • caseral,
  • caoital,
  • sceadual,
  • cortisal,
  • coatsal,
  • constally,
  • coastly,
  • hogswtach,
  • cirstal,
  • costodial,
  • casula,
  • csastle,
  • custdial,
  • casstle,
  • costanly,
  • castiel,
  • scotsdale,
  • ppostal,
  • comital,
  • cockateal,
  • custdoial,
  • coasgtal,
  • coastl,
  • cabital,
  • consutl,
  • costady,
  • coatal,
  • coctail,
  • casttle,
  • casal,
  • hastaloy,
  • rostal,
  • caselaw,
  • saggital,
  • casta,
  • cossal,
  • coastsal,
  • colestorl,
  • constaly,
  • catalo,
  • cuadal,
  • coceptual,
  • coasta,
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  • soceital,
  • captal,
  • scotal,
  • cuasal,
  • constily,
  • custocial,
  • beastal,
  • castrol,
  • constly,
  • sagital,
  • coastally,
  • consatly,
  • couslelor,
  • canstill,
  • hostal,
  • conttol,
  • contual,
  • contal,
  • cocktal,
  • cirtual,
  • castel,
  • casltle,
  • costsl,
  • coktail,
  • coustodial,
  • castal,
  • coaxail,
  • culutal,
  • causeal.

Related words for coastal

Beydağları Coastal National Park


National park in Turkey

Beydağları Coastal National Park, a.k.a. Olympos Beydagları National Park, is a national park in Antalya Province, southern Turkey. The national park was established on March 16, 1972 by a decret of the government.

Coastal Pet Rescue


Non-profit organization

Coastal Pet Rescue is an all-volunteer 501 non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, abused and neglected animals in the coastal areas of Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.

Coastal Taranaki School


School in Okato, New Zealand

Coastal Taranaki School is a rural area school located in Okato, Taranaki, New Zealand. Established in 2005, the school formed through the merger of a number of small primary schools and Okato College.

Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park


Park in Loch Sport, Victoria, Australia

The Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park is a coastal park in the East Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. The park is located approximately 240 km east of the capital city of Melbourne.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever


Rock band

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, also sometimes known as Rolling Blackouts C.F., is a Melbourne, Australia–based indie rock band. It was formed in 2013 by singer-guitarists Fran Keaney, Tom Russo & Joe White. The band's five members are Keaney, his cousin Joe White, Tom Russo, his brother Joe Russo, and Marcel Tussie. Their debut EP, Talk Tight, was released in 2016 on Ivy League Records. It was followed by their second EP, the French Press, which was mixed by Doug Boehm and released in 2017 on Sub Pop Records.

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Rhymes for coastal:

  1. postal;
  2. bicoastal;

Translations for coastal:

Arabic word for Coastal


Chinese word for Coastal


Dutch words for Coastal

kus, kust.

French words for Coastal

maritime, littoral, côtier, littorale.

German word for Coastal


Greek word for Coastal


Hindi word for Coastal


Italian word for Coastal


Japanese word for Coastal


Javanese word for Coastal


Korean word for Coastal


Malay word for Coastal


Marathi word for Coastal


Norwegian word for Coastal


Polish word for Coastal


Portuguese word for Coastal


Romanian word for Coastal

de coastă.

Russian word for Coastal


Spanish words for Coastal

costero, de la costa, litoral, ribereño.

Tamil word for Coastal


Turkish word for Coastal


Ukrainian word for Coastal


Vietnamese word for Coastal

ven biển.