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How To Spell cody?

Correct spelling: cody

List of misspellings for cody:

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What does the abbreviation cody mean?


descendant of Cuidighthigh
Cody as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Cody), is pronounced KO-dee. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Cody is "descendant of Cuidighthigh". Transferred use of the Irish surname that is originally a byname for a helpful person.
  • Kody,
  • Codie,
  • Codey,
  • Codell,
  • Kody,
  • Codie,
  • Codey,
  • Kodey,
  • Kodie,
  • Codi,
  • Codee,
  • Kodee.

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Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London


2004 film

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London is a 2004 American action comedy film and the sequel to the 2003 film Agent Cody Banks. Directed by Kevin Allen and written by Don Rhymer, the film stars Frankie Muniz, Hannah Spearritt, Anthony Anderson and Keith David.

Cody Michaels


American professional wrestler

Mark Keenan, better known by his ring name Cody Michaels Jr., is an American former professional wrestler. After suffering a serious neck injury, Michaels retired and has worked behind the scenes as a booker and promoter.

Cody Reichard


Ice hockey goaltender

Cody Reichard is an American professional ice hockey goaltender who is currently an unrestricted free agent who most recently played for the Evansville Icemen of the ECHL.

Cody Wild


Cody Wild is an American professional ice hockey defenseman.

Donnacha Cody


Irish medallist

Donnacha Cody is an Irish hurler who played as a corner-back for the Kilkenny senior team. Born in Kilkenny, Cody first played competitive hurling during his schooling at St. Kieran's College.

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Quotes for cody:

  1. My brother Cody is 19. He wants to stay out of the limelight and become a lawyer. I want him to be an entertainment lawyer, so he can help me out!

Rhymes for cody:

  1. jodi, jody, modi, rody, coady, rhody, jodie, rodi, roadie, bodie, mody, brody, bodi;

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