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Correct spelling: coffee

Definition of coffee:

  1. The seed of the berry of Coffea arabica; it is the source of the alkaloid caffeine; roasted coffee is official in the N. F. as coffea tosta.
  2. The berry of a shrub, a native of Arabia, though now raised in other warm climates of Asia and America; a beverage made from the berries after they have been roasted and ground.

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Quotes for coffee:

  1. When I am working it is up early and coffee and 15 hours of being on the set. When I am not working, it is up late and coffee, golf or softball and hopefully a ball game on the television.
  2. Audrey was a princess, so natural, the camera really loved her... James and I kept each other company during all the rejections. We used to meet, have a cup of coffee and went from office to office to get work and never got work.
  3. Well, they're Southern people, and if they know you are working at home they think nothing of walking right in for coffee. But they wouldn't dream of interrupting you at golf.
  4. I like cappuccino, actually. But even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all.
  5. When I get up, I have a cup of coffee, surf the Internet, then do a half -hour run.

Rhymes for coffee:

  1. sofie, toffee, rafi, coffey;