How To Spell cold?

Correct spelling: cold

What is the definition of cold?

  1. (color) giving no sensation of warmth; "a cold bluish gray"

What does the abbreviation cold mean?

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What are the rhymes for cold?

  1. hold, scold, wold, dold, bold, holed, gold, mold, holde, sold, roald, doled, nolde, rolled, strolled, bowled, golde, vold, poled, tolled, nold, polled, old, mould, told, olde, fold;
  2. enrolled, consoled, remold, twofold, unfold, outsold, extolled, untold, uphold, unsold, enfold, ahold, resold, behold, controlled, foretold, patrolled, cajoled, paroled, withhold;
  3. oversold, uncontrolled, decontrolled, undersold;

What are the translations for cold?

Afrikaans words for Cold

dood, gemeen, koue.

Chinese words for Cold

冷, 冷的, 凉, 冰冷.

Dutch words for Cold

koel, geweldig, koud, onvriendelijk, kou, verkoudheid, bewusteloos, kil, ongeïnteresseerd.

French words for Cold

frais, glacial, refroidissement, froide, froids, froides, rhume, fraîcheur, froid, froideur.

German words for Cold

fantastisch, Grippe, kalt, Kälte, Erkältung, frostig, unvorbereitet, gefühlskalt, Schnupfen, Erkältungsinfekt, Verkühlung.

Hindi word for Cold


Italian word for Cold


Japanese words for Cold

コールド, 寒冷, 寒気, 寒, 冷気, 無機質, 冷や, 冷, 流感, 凛, 冷寒, れいき, みだりかぜ, ひや, りん, うとうとしい, ひえひえ, れいかん, 凜, 冷やっと, ひえびえ, 素気無い, そっけない, むきしつ, 冷やか, 素っ気無い, つれない, 乱り風, かんれい, 冷ややか, 疎疎しい, ひやりと, さむけ, 疎々しい.

Javanese word for Cold


Korean word for Cold


Malay word for Cold


Norwegian word for Cold


Polish words for Cold

ręce, zimno, przeziębienie, zimny.

Portuguese words for Cold

rigoroso, constipação, gelados, gélido, insensível.

Russian words for Cold

холодный, простуда, охлаждённый, озябший, неприветливый, насморк, стужа.

Spanish words for Cold

frío, resfriado, frías, gripe, refrigerado, frialdad, resfrío, catarro, constipado.

Swedish word for Cold