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How To Spell colette?

Correct spelling: colette

List of misspellings for colette:

  • collet,
  • commette,
  • colect,
  • choclete,
  • corsette,
  • cceate,
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 \c(o)-lette, col(et)-te\

people of victory
Colette as a girl's name is pronounced ko-LET. It is of French origin, and the meaning of Colette is "people of victory". Diminutive of the medieval name Colle, which is a short form of Nicholas; or short form of Nicolette. Saint Collette (15th century) was noted for her organizational abilities. Made popular from the 1920s due to the fame of the French author Colette.
  • Coleta,
  • Coletta,
  • Colleta,
  • collet,
  • Collete,
  • Collette.

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Colette Alliot-Lugaz is a French soprano, particularly associated with Mozart.

Colette Guillopé


French mathematician

Colette Guillopé is a French mathematician specializing in partial differential equations and fluid mechanics. She is a professor at Paris 12 Val de Marne University, where she is also the gender officer for the university.

Colette Rosambert


French tennis player

Colette Rosambert-Boegner was a French tennis player. Rosambert learnt to play tennis from the professional Albert Burke in Deauville.

Colette Samson


Colette L. Samson was the founder of La Maison Revivre, a refuge for the homeless, in Quebec City. She was born in Lévis, Quebec and studied at the Couvent Marguerite d'Youville there.

Murder of Colette Aram


Colette Aram was a 16-year-old British trainee hairdresser who was abducted, raped and strangled as she walked from her home to her boyfriend's house in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire, on 30 October 1983.

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Rhymes for colette:

  1. lafayette, bet, garnette, wet, coronet, wynette, beset, collette, jeanette, barrette, reset, forget, nellette, cossette, minaret, rhett, quintet, corvette, boulet, preset, kitchenette, laurette, nicolette, pipette, jennette, gillette, fayette, roulette, violette, doucet, junette, rosette, marquette, regret, fret, bassette, lett, net, cornet, suffragette, luncheonette, piet, whet, fette, ellette, mette, mariette, brunette, vignette, juliette, wilmette, tibet, claudette, pet, brunet, pret, willette, upset, cassette, olivette, chevrette, unset, burdette, set, lucette, jfet, frett, suzette, lurette, lynette, cadet, rillette, ret, pett, lorette, threat, janette, lisette, tagamet, jette, cosette, nicolet, brett, jolette, marette, bett, ornette, unmet, paulette, susette, nett, offset, hugette, barnett, quartet, sobriquet, silhouette, smet, minuet, vet, intermet, bonnette, jet, babette, clarette, jett, idette, barbette, fleurette, tete, yet, gwinnett, willamette, dorette, rochette, debt, burnett, villette, diskette, met, gazette, louisette, nanette, yevette, gelette, josette, pirouette, sarette, ninette, octet, sextet, et, falconet, bernet, henriette, linette, duet, sweat, fett, irvette, hett, odette, flageolet, lavette, bret, beget, manette, get, brevet, viet, payette, joette, statuette, let, hughette, tet, vedette, marlette, stet, margette, minette, chet, yvette, georgette, pierette, jeannette, tourette;
  2. arnett, abet, arlette, annett, arnette, anette, annette;
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