How To Spell collect?

Correct spelling: collect

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What is the definition of collect?

  1. payment due by the recipient on delivery; "a collect call"; "the letter came collect"; "a COD parcel"

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What are the translations for collect?

Catalan word for Collect


French words for Collect

retirer, ramasser, regrouper, recueillir, rassembler, réunir, amasser, recevoir, percevoir, collectionner, accumuler, collecter, encaisser, capter, recouvrer.

German words for Collect

erfassen, aufnehmen, einziehen, zusammenfassen, einfangen, sammeln, vereinnahmen, akquirieren, zusammenbringen, zusammenlaufen, ansammeln, versammeln, zusammentragen, einsammeln, abholen, kassieren, eintreiben, auffangen, einheimsen, einkassieren, Spenden akquirieren, Inkasso vornehmen.

Japanese words for Collect

コレクト, まとめる, 纏める, ふるいおこす, 取り纏める.

Portuguese words for Collect

receber, angariar, recolher, coletar, recolha, colher, colecionar, ajuntar, congregar, coligir.

Russian words for Collect

коллекционировать, взимать, взыскать, производить сбор, заезжать за, концентрировать, расплатиться.

Spanish words for Collect

captar, tener, obtener, levantar, recaudar, buscar, recoger, acumular, recolectar, congregarse, retirar, coger, juntar, recopilar, coleccionar, percibir, acumularse, recabar, cobrar, compilar, acopiar, hacer una colecta.