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How To Spell coloration?

Correct spelling: coloration

Definition of coloration:

  1. The art or practice of colouring, or the state of being coloured.

List of misspellings for coloration:

  • collobaration,
  • cllaboration,
  • clelbration,
  • clarifiation,
  • cosolidation,
  • calibation,
  • coolaboration,
  • corrrosion,
  • colloration,
  • calaboration,
  • collobroation,
  • calloboration,
  • coorelation,
  • colecction,
  • calucation,
  • corpration,
  • corilation,
  • collaboation,
  • colliation,
  • corproation,
  • coparation,
  • collabartion,
  • corliation,
  • cortarasion,
  • coletion,
  • coletiaon,
  • cporporation,
  • dicoloration,
  • delaration,
  • collimation,
  • colaberation,
  • collarboration,
  • commeration,
  • collabortion,
  • corraltion,
  • copration,
  • corrolation,
  • collabration,
  • corrotion,
  • collobration,
  • comemoration,
  • colleration,
  • coorpration,
  • colibration,
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  • cooparation,
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  • colorin,
  • collabeation,
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  • culcasion,
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  • dicolouration,
  • corellation,
  • cooepration,
  • corallation,
  • copporation,
  • claratin,
  • collolation,
  • clorination.

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Quotes for coloration:

  1. The judiciary must not take on the coloration of whatever may be popular at the moment. We are guardian of rights, and we have to tell people things they often do not like to hear.

Rhymes for coloration:

  1. magnetization, monopolization, christianization, deportation, exacerbation, dissertation, federation, embarkation, detoxification, violation, tabulation, pronunciation, titillation, cancellation, diversification, registration, damnation, lubrication, condensation, explanation, confederation, ornamentation, elaboration, excommunication, mummification, recantation, modulation, ministration, misappropriation, estimation, exhumation, approbation, fortification, deviation, vacation, specification, agglomeration, horatian, fertilization, lactation, avocation, incantation, liberalization, pacification, optimization, congratulation, vilification, invitation, foliation, culmination, authorization, personification, articulation, condemnation, mutation, regeneration, cogitation, preservation, exhortation, electrification, consultation, convocation, expiration, moderation, enumeration, inclination, implementation, repudiation, sequestration, decontamination, recommendation, conversation, manipulation, conciliation, revelation, perspiration, legalization, globalization, precipitation, inflammation, rehydration, gyration, elongation, recrimination, segregation, incrustation, configuration, privatisation, intonation, desalination, disqualification, desiccation, conflagration, medication, differentiation, litigation, authentication, reallocation, decertification, tribulation, denunciation, gestation, menstruation, subluxation, toleration, personalization, collectivization, vacillation, application, emigration, deification, hybridization, criminalization, incoordination, cooperation, corp, naturalization, premeditation, libration, regimentation, mitigation, migration, machination, demodulation, discrimination, fumigation, hallucination, fermentation, experimentation, domestication, commercialization, reconsideration, pollination, inactivation, exploitation, identification, proration, standardization, evaluation, intoxication, agitation, oxidation, accumulation, formulation, certification, affirmation, meditation, affrication, allegation, recreation, dehydration, revocation, summation, nullification, termination, destabilization, renovation, inhalation, reclassification, exasperation, appreciation, proclamation, innovation, figuration, communization, miscalculation, reunification, procrastination, masturbation, emulation, generation, orchestration, dissemination, fabrication, donation, hospitalization, centralization, popularization, dispensation, mobilization, verification, insinuation, molestation, infiltration, proliferation, conjugation, amputation, adjudication, isolation, indication, provocation, regulation, elation, confirmation, detonation, vocation, implication, interrogation, evocation, resignation, association, dictation, dalmatian, fibrillation, explication, bifurcation, discoloration, importation, situation, misapplication, connotation, stagflation, codification, overvaluation, saturation, exclamation, generalization, radiation, preoccupation, stipulation, levitation, polarization, deregulation, reinvigoration, demonstration, recalculation, unification, designation, fluoridation, annexation, indemnification, fluctuation, prostration, simplification, contamination, liberation, telecommunication, orientation, imitation, usurpation, dilatation, pressurization, complication, reconfiguration, specialization, hesitation, manifestation, purification, temptation, preparation, reformation, evacuation, publication, obligation, commemoration, misinformation, hyperinflation, dilation, ventilation, investigation, allocation, humiliation, amplification, ostentation, reparation, subsidization, concatenation, demonization, dehumanization, decoration, inflation, reexamination, infestation, degeneration, indentation, disinformation, maximization, salvation, occupation, vibration, escalation, relation, elimination, confiscation, normalization, combination, hibernation, ejaculation, dislocation, depredation, self-congratulation, saponification, 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starvation, retaliation, aggravation, motivation, deformation, gradation, disorganization, insubordination, imputation, mineralization, examination, appellation, transillumination, emanation, optation, miniaturization, adaptation, population, colonization, animation, navigation, sophistication, altercation, appropriation, compensation, information, triangulation, incorporation, exhalation, modernization, rumination, urbanization, alienation, negation, reauthorization, mediation, illumination, westernization, alteration, revaluation, annihilation, deprivation, desalinization, stagnation, mutilation, inauguration, miscommunication, reverberation, renegotiation, calculation, malformation, decentralization, vulgarization, reaffirmation, sterilization, facilitation, deforestation, consolation, croatian, reservation, modification, transplantation, flirtation, sanctification, remediation, demarcation, intimation, crustacean, inspiration, admiration, denomination, resuscitation, declaration, 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  2. nation, ration, station, haitian;
  3. castration, causation, alsatian, cetacean, citation, cessation, carnation;
  4. aberration, activation, abrogation, abdication, accusation, acclimation;
  5. abomination, accommodation, acceleration, accreditation, abbreviation;
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