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How To Spell colour?

Correct spelling: colour

Definition of colour:

  1. modify or bias; "His political ideas color his lectures"

List of misspellings for colour:

  • collor,
  • coloial,
  • clolour,
  • coutour,
  • cloun,
  • kajour,
  • collum,
  • scholoar,
  • cooer,
  • coolar,
  • licour,
  • colour'd,
  • colfer,
  • cloub,
  • couior,
  • colar,
  • calibour,
  • colpor,
  • colour,
  • coloer,
  • cvolor,
  • coluor,
  • caologue,
  • coular,
  • coller,
  • allour,
  • coligue,
  • colordo,
  • haircolour,
  • ccolor,
  • colordao,
  • coloir,
  • qalthough,
  • colours,
  • coloardo,
  • coulours,
  • coloar,
  • coloe,
  • cologue,
  • colloar,
  • coulome,
  • colourd,
  • colum,
  • yolur,
  • couslor,
  • colouer,
  • colom,
  • couriour,
  • coluum,
  • soloar,
  • colout,
  • thecolor,
  • coulour,
  • cutour,
  • coourt,
  • colous,
  • colord,
  • collom,
  • coclor,
  • gloor,
  • colora,
  • cocur,
  • galoure,
  • talour,
  • coloser,
  • coolr,
  • cclear,
  • cfoollw,
  • collouge,
  • coultuer,
  • coloy,
  • coouth,
  • corriour,
  • colorny,
  • haircolor,
  • coloma,
  • coulor,
  • colol,
  • rolor,
  • clour,
  • nuculor,
  • collow,
  • callyour,
  • colugue,
  • conour,
  • cooloer,
  • culor,
  • calue,
  • scholor,
  • callor,
  • couselor,
  • colloer,
  • tocolor,
  • columar,
  • colur,
  • coulr,
  • coloure,
  • galour,
  • coour,
  • coolor.

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Translations for colour:

Arabic word for Colour


Dutch words for Colour

kleur, kleuren.

French words for Colour

couleur, teinte, coloré, cor, colorant, peindre, coloration, rougir, colorer, colorier, coloris, teint.

German words for Colour

Farbton, Farbe, Hautfarbe, Tinte, sich färben, kolorieren, anmalen, ausmalen, einen Anstrich geben, farbig machen, beschönigen.

Italian word for Colour


Javanese word for Colour


Norwegian word for Colour


Polish words for Colour

Warna, kolor.

Romanian word for Colour


Russian word for Colour


Spanish words for Colour

tono, color, colorido, bronceado.

Turkish word for Colour