How To Spell comfortable?

Correct spelling: comfortable

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What is the definition of comfortable?

  1. free from stress or conducive to mental ease; having or affording peace of mind; "was settled in a comfortable job, one for which he was well prepared"; "the comfortable thought that nothing could go wrong"; "was comfortable in his religious beliefs"; "she's a comfortable person to be with"; "she felt comfortable with her fiance's parents"

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What are the rhymes for comfortable?

  1. uncomfortable;

What are the translations for comfortable?

Afrikaans word for Comfortable


Chinese words for Comfortable

舒适的, 舒舒服服, 舒服, 舒心, 写意, 舒坦.

Dutch words for Comfortable

gemakkelijk, aangenaam, prettig, comfortabel, behaaglijk, welgesteld, geriefelijk, gerieflijk.

French words for Comfortable

confortable, fonctionnel, accueillant, douillet, ergonomique, confortables.

German words for Comfortable

komfortabel, bequem, angenehm, gemütlich, wohnlich, behaglich, kommod, ohne Beschwerden, beschwerdefrei, trostreich, tröstlich.

Greek word for Comfortable


Hindi word for Comfortable


Japanese word for Comfortable


Javanese word for Comfortable


Malay word for Comfortable


Marathi word for Comfortable


Norwegian word for Comfortable


Polish word for Comfortable


Portuguese word for Comfortable


Romanian words for Comfortable

rahat, confortabil.

Russian words for Comfortable

комфортный, благоустроенный, безбедный.

Spanish words for Comfortable

tranquilo, amplio, holgado, agradable, acogedor, acomodado.

Swedish word for Comfortable