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How To Spell commemorate?

Correct spelling: commemorate

Definition of commemorate:

  1. mark by some ceremony or observation; "We marked the anniversary of his death"

List of misspellings for commemorate:

  • dememtrate,
  • comemtary,
  • comesurate,
  • commemrative,
  • commemarating,
  • commadradie,
  • ckmmemorate,
  • commensorate,
  • comemmorate,
  • dommemorate,
  • comemite,
  • commeorate,
  • commorate,
  • commemarative,
  • commersurate,
  • comemorating,
  • commemorats,
  • commemorafe,
  • commemoratw,
  • commemora6e,
  • comeserate,
  • comemerate,
  • c9mmemorate,
  • comemerative,
  • comjemorate,
  • commemirate,
  • commmodity,
  • commomorate,
  • commemorwte,
  • commemorare,
  • commemofate,
  • commemoeate,
  • comnemorate,
  • comm3morate,
  • commaradie,
  • conmemorating,
  • commdmorate,
  • comm4morate,
  • commmuicate,
  • commemotate,
  • commemortive,
  • comemorates,
  • clmmemorate,
  • fommemorate,
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  • commemorqte,
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  • commemoraye,
  • commermorates,
  • c0mmemorate.

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This graph shows how "commemorate" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for commemorate:

  1. My cooking is so bad my kids thought Thanksgiving was to commemorate Pearl Harbor.
  2. It is my hope that as we commemorate Black History Month in the future, we will continue to celebrate the many achievements and rich culture of African -Americans.
  3. Last week, the House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring the victims and heroes of September 11th. As we commemorate the anniversary of 9 -11, we must also remember that the threat is still very real today.

Rhymes for commemorate:

  1. emirate;

Translations for commemorate:

Afrikaans word for Commemorate


Arabic word for Commemorate


Bengali word for Commemorate

স্মৃতিরক্ষা করা.

German words for Commemorate

feiern, gedenken, ehren, zelebrieren, an erinnern.

Hindi word for Commemorate


Italian word for Commemorate


Japanese word for Commemorate


Javanese word for Commemorate


Korean word for Commemorate


Malay word for Commemorate


Marathi word for Commemorate


Norwegian word for Commemorate


Polish word for Commemorate


Romanian word for Commemorate


Spanish words for Commemorate

celebrar, conmemorar.

Swedish word for Commemorate


Tamil word for Commemorate


Turkish word for Commemorate


Ukrainian word for Commemorate


Vietnamese word for Commemorate

kỷ niệm.