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How To Spell committee?

Correct spelling: committee

Definition of committee:

  1. a special group delegated to consider some matter; "A committe is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours" - Milton Berle

List of misspellings for committee:

  • committiee,
  • commtied,
  • committes,
  • commettie,
  • cometitor,
  • commiittee,
  • comminute,
  • committte,
  • comitied,
  • commettee,
  • commitary,
  • commted,
  • commitie,
  • comitiee,
  • commtee,
  • committy,
  • cometogether,
  • commitity,
  • commeitted,
  • commettt,
  • comttie,
  • tocommit,
  • commuit,
  • comite,
  • comminutiy,
  • committ,
  • commuitte,
  • commity,
  • comitee,
  • commutter,
  • commiitee,
  • commetee,
  • commcate,
  • comitte,
  • commitied,
  • commuiate,
  • committtees,
  • commites,
  • commiter,
  • comidey,
  • committtee,
  • commitee,
  • commiteed,
  • committies,
  • committiees,
  • commmute,
  • commette,
  • commised,
  • comitty,
  • comitt,
  • commttee,
  • committess,
  • commintiy,
  • comittee,
  • commuicate,
  • commentter,
  • coimmitted,
  • cummittee,
  • commitiees,
  • communitee,
  • comsider,
  • commityte,
  • commottee,
  • committie,
  • committeess,
  • comette,
  • commited,
  • comunitee,
  • cummte,
  • comminite,
  • committeeon,
  • commitey,
  • commtitee,
  • commitate,
  • committe,
  • commuite,
  • ommittee,
  • commeettee,
  • committig,
  • commitiee,
  • commte,
  • committs,
  • commite,
  • cimmittee,
  • acommoate,
  • comitees,
  • commettes,
  • comittiee,
  • commititee,
  • comettie,
  • communittee,
  • gormette,
  • cummute,
  • comitted,
  • commuique,
  • commettiee,
  • commetted,
  • commiitted,
  • committeee,
  • comosite.

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Rhymes for committee:

  1. bitty, clytie, citi, city, chitty, miltie, hitty, kitty, pretty, gritty, smitty, ditty, pity, nitty, witty;
  2. subcommittee, itty-bitty;

Translations for committee:

Bengali word for Committee


Dutch words for Committee

comité, commissie.

German words for Committee

Ausschuss, Komitee.

Greek word for Committee


Hindi word for Committee


Italian word for Committee


Javanese word for Committee


Malay word for Committee


Marathi word for Committee


Norwegian word for Committee


Polish words for Committee

komisja, komitet.

Romanian word for Committee


Swedish word for Committee


Turkish word for Committee


Ukrainian word for Committee


Vietnamese word for Committee

ủy ban.