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How To Spell Companies?

Correct spelling: Companies

List of misspellings for Companies:

  • capmnies,
  • ompanies,
  • companaies,
  • compiances,
  • campainof,
  • compoany's,
  • companye,
  • comoaines,
  • compainions,
  • campane,
  • compeney,
  • compainys,
  • companis,
  • compagns,
  • companoies,
  • cojmpany's,
  • campainges,
  • compoinets,
  • sompanies,
  • compiance,
  • compalins,
  • compainion,
  • companos,
  • companiesin,
  • compenate,
  • comanpies,
  • compilance,
  • compnany,
  • coompanies,
  • comliance,
  • campanies,
  • companior,
  • companines,
  • compneys,
  • comapnian,
  • compaint,
  • compomise,
  • companise,
  • accompines,
  • comeupence,
  • compagnys,
  • compairson,
  • conpany's,
  • comoanies,
  • componates,
  • componite,
  • comapnion,
  • comaonies,
  • companmy,
  • compenies,
  • companing,
  • compianies,
  • copanies,
  • campanes,
  • caompanions,
  • compancys,
  • chimpanzies,
  • componits,
  • compains,
  • compaines,
  • compairasom,
  • compans,
  • compimise,
  • campains,
  • comapanies,
  • comapnay,
  • companed,
  • cimpanzee,
  • companie's,
  • compeitiors,
  • companyhas,
  • companises,
  • compained,
  • compines,
  • compnies,
  • companiship,
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  • comlains,
  • compannion,
  • companyes,
  • compane,
  • comtains,
  • companues,
  • compainy,
  • comparis,
  • companey,
  • compainiouns,
  • compnays,
  • accompnies,
  • compaiens,
  • companythat,
  • compan's,
  • comppanies,
  • comparance,
  • complanes,
  • companyt,
  • compagnies,
  • companiesa,
  • campaigs,
  • companes.

Related words for Companies

Chubb Limited


Insurance company

Chubb Limited is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer. The company has offices in 54 countries. Chubb provides commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, personal accident and supplemental health insurance, reinsurance and life insurance.




Metinvest Group is a vertically integrated group of steel and mining companies that manages every link of the value chain, from mining and processing iron ore and coal to making and selling semi-finished and finished steel products.




MIDROC-Mohammed International Development Research and Organization Companies is a company owned by Sheik Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi. It has operations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Through its Corral Petroleum Holdings AB, MIDROC has become a major independent oil company.



Town in Lolland, Denmark

Rødbyhavn is a small town and harbour on the south coast of Lolland, Denmark. Since 2007 it has been a part of Lolland Municipality. Rødbyhavn is located approximately 5 km southwest of the town of Rødby. It is a harbour on the northern shore of the Fehmarn Belt. A ferry service connects Rødbyhavn with Puttgarden on the island of Fehmarn.

Stockade Companies



Stockade Companies is a multi-concept restaurant company based in Round Rock, Texas. Stockade Companies, LLC grew from a single Sirloin Stockade restaurant, founded in 1966, to now having over 80 restaurants under three brands: Sirloin Stockade, Montana Mike's and Coyote Canyon.

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Quotes for Companies:

  1. Of course, it's hard to support full -time programmers, so we do get funds from a set of companies that are interested in the health of the Mozilla project and so are willing to support the people working for the Foundation as well.
  2. You know we're going to control the insurance companies.
  3. Interestingly, the oil companies know very well that in less than 30 years they will not only be charging very high prices, but that they will be uncompetitive with renewables.
  4. There's so many companies that are spending so much money on 17 -year -olds... I can't compete with that. I'm not that guy anymore, they can't dress me up and roll me out there and make me look good. I am what I am!
  5. Companies need to understand that the quicker they report product safety problems to CPSC, the quicker we can take action together and protect consumers from injuries.

Rhymes for Companies:

  1. accompanies;

Translations for Companies:

Afrikaans word for Companies


Arabic word for Companies


Bengali word for Companies


French words for Companies

entreprises, sociétés, compagnies, maisons de commerce.

German word for Companies


Greek word for Companies


Hindi word for Companies


Italian word for Companies


Javanese word for Companies


Korean word for Companies


Malay word for Companies


Marathi word for Companies


Norwegian word for Companies


Polish words for Companies

spółki, firmy, przedsiębiorstwa.

Romanian word for Companies


Russian word for Companies


Spanish word for Companies


Swedish word for Companies


Tamil word for Companies


Turkish word for Companies


Ukrainian word for Companies


Vietnamese word for Companies

công ty.