How To Spell compare?

Correct spelling: compare

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What is the definition of compare?

  1. Comparison; similitude.

What does the abbreviation compare mean?

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What are the translations for compare?

Afrikaans word for Compare


Arabic word for Compare


Bengali word for Compare

তুলনা করা.

French word for Compare


German words for Compare

Vergleich, vergleichen, gleichsetzen, nebeneinanderstellen.

Greek word for Compare


Hindi word for Compare


Italian word for Compare


Japanese words for Compare

比べる, 比する, 喩える, ひきあてる, 引合せる, 引当る, くらべる, 引き合せる, てらしあわせる, ひする, たとえる, 類える, 突き合せる, ぎする, 徴する, 引合わせる, 較べる, 競べる, ちょうする, ひきあわせる, 引き当てる, 寄える, 照らし合わせる, 引き合わせる, つきあわせる, 突き合わせる, 比える, 引当てる, 譬える, 比較する.

Javanese word for Compare


Korean word for Compare


Malay word for Compare


Norwegian word for Compare


Polish word for Compare


Romanian word for Compare

a compara.

Russian word for Compare


Spanish words for Compare

relacionar, comparar, cotejar, equiparar.

Swedish word for Compare


Tamil word for Compare


Turkish word for Compare


Ukrainian word for Compare