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How To Spell complaint?

Correct spelling: complaint

Definition of complaint:

  1. an often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining

List of misspellings for complaint:

  • complian,
  • compleaning,
  • compiant,
  • comliant,
  • compoliant,
  • complate,
  • cpmplaint,
  • complianct,
  • complainace,
  • copmpleting,
  • complinetary,
  • conomplating,
  • complante,
  • complanits,
  • complaineing,
  • comaplints,
  • compient,
  • compaint,
  • computant,
  • compationet,
  • complanit,
  • compant,
  • complainte,
  • componite,
  • conplaint,
  • complainging,
  • compliend,
  • compliants,
  • compling,
  • comlainte,
  • companyt,
  • cmpleting,
  • complince,
  • competient,
  • camslant,
  • comepleat,
  • complteing,
  • compalined,
  • complaicit,
  • complainn,
  • comlaind,
  • complasent,
  • complating,
  • complanint,
  • complanined,
  • comlainant,
  • complainting,
  • compalins,
  • complining,
  • compalitn,
  • comperhind,
  • completingthe,
  • complane,
  • completeing,
  • compaund,
  • complaid,
  • complimint,
  • complayning,
  • compliaints,
  • compasionet,
  • complainabout,
  • complanting,
  • compoind,
  • competatnt,
  • complaince,
  • compalining,
  • compasionat,
  • compalin,
  • complianc,
  • complacient,
  • complit,
  • campgound,
  • complament,
  • complainsts,
  • compleding,
  • complainted,
  • complaioning,
  • complicant,
  • compotant,
  • comtiplating,
  • campament,
  • competant,
  • compitant,
  • completaion,
  • complaite,
  • comptent,
  • cotemplating,
  • complianet,
  • corpulant,
  • coomplaint,
  • complaicant,
  • complaing,
  • complaning,
  • compleant,
  • componant,
  • coplaint,
  • complants,
  • compliing,
  • commplain,
  • complany.

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Rhymes for complaint:

  1. quaint, feint, faint, paint, ain't, saint, st, taint;
  2. constraint, acquaint, restraint, repaint;

Translations for complaint:

Afrikaans word for Complaint


Arabic word for Complaint


Chinese words for Complaint

怨言, 牢骚, 诉状.

French words for Complaint

affection, grief, plainte, complainte.

German words for Complaint

Klage, Reklamation, Beanstandung, Beschwerde, leiden, Krankheit, Mängelrüge, Rüge, Klageschrift, Beschwerdebrief, Beschwerdeschrift.

Greek word for Complaint


Japanese words for Complaint

苦情, 不平, 不服, 愁訴, 告発, 文句, 訴状, 訴え, 告訴, 抗告, ふへい, 怨言, 怨み言, 慨嘆, もんく, こくはつ, 恨み言, えんご, 言分, うったえ, こうこく, 言い分, 繰り言, いいぶん, なきごと, 怨声, ぼやき, 怨語, 泣き言, えんげん, くじょう, うらみごと, くりごと, 繰言.

Javanese word for Complaint


Korean word for Complaint


Malay word for Complaint


Polish words for Complaint

skarga, reklamacja, zażalenie.

Romanian word for Complaint


Russian words for Complaint

жалоба, исковое заявление.

Spanish words for Complaint

reclamo, queja, denuncia, recurso, querella.

Swedish word for Complaint


Ukrainian word for Complaint


Vietnamese word for Complaint

lời phàn nàn.