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How To Spell computation?

Correct spelling: computation

Definition of computation:

  1. The act of computing; the sum, quantity, or amount computed; estimate.

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Related words for computation

Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling


University department in College Park, Maryland

The Center for Scientific Computation And Mathematical Modeling is a mathematics institute in the University of Maryland, College Park.

Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire


The Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire, CECAM, is the oldest European Institute for the promotion of fundamental research on advanced computational methods and their application to problems in frontier areas of science and technology.

International Conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computation


The International Conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computation is an academic conference in the field of theoretical computer science. TAMC has been organized annually since 2004. Previous editors of the TAMC conference proceedings include Manindra Agrawal and Petr Kolman. The conference proceedings are published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series by Springer.

Introduction to the Theory of Computation


Textbook by Michael Sipser

Introduction to the Theory of Computation is a standard textbook in theoretical computer science, written by Michael Sipser and first published by PWS Publishing in 1997.

Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation



WoLLIC, the Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation is an academic conference in the field of pure and applied logic and theoretical computer science.

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Quotes for computation:

  1. We have lived through the flood time of fascism and of the nazism which ran its meteoric course at a cost to mankind in suffering and waste beyond all computation.
  2. Quantum computation is... a distinctively new way of harnessing nature... It will be the first technology that allows useful tasks to be performed in collaboration between parallel universes.
  3. I have not proved that the universe is, in fact, a digital computer and that it's capable of performing universal computation, but it's plausible that it is.
  4. A computation is a process that obeys finitely describable rules.
  5. Lately I've been working to convince myself that everything is a computation.

Rhymes for computation:

  1. complication, ejaculation, improvisation, fragmentation, confabulation, allocation, mutation, edification, democratization, gasification, compensation, population, disqualification, irrigation, exaggeration, amortization, hybridization, glaciation, argumentation, personalization, indemnification, cooperation, cremation, articulation, monopolization, interrogation, invitation, approbation, amelioration, figuration, vocation, information, rehabilitation, participation, excitation, initiation, cultivation, commemoration, degeneration, pagination, coordination, qualification, reclassification, overvaluation, annexation, foundation, expropriation, rejuvenation, pronunciation, ligation, inactivation, calibration, annotation, aviation, recitation, limitation, distillation, compilation, modernization, delineation, recertification, classification, annihilation, misidentification, incoordination, backwardation, imputation, desegregation, reconsideration, depopulation, indication, contemplation, decapitation, reauthorization, mineralization, pigmentation, agitation, appropriation, continuation, documentation, dissemination, fibrillation, damnation, gratification, renomination, altercation, demarcation, modulation, federation, meditation, ordination, incrimination, fermentation, pontification, balkanization, saponification, summation, ratification, neutralization, rumination, repatriation, fertilization, narration, destination, excavation, incantation, preparation, electrification, concentration, fixation, segregation, evaporation, dissertation, stagnation, appreciation, relocation, appalachian, oration, disputation, criminalization, inhalation, russification, amputation, sarmatian, exploitation, lubrication, dislocation, denunciation, legislation, desecration, perturbation, indignation, detoxification, divination, elaboration, relaxation, misinformation, privation, validation, industrialization, domination, rectification, reconfiguration, irritation, isolation, authentication, fabrication, decertification, desiccation, liberation, stabilization, generation, formation, misappropriation, politicization, desolation, specialization, fumigation, redecoration, expectation, insinuation, echolocation, determination, collaboration, exfoliation, appellation, unionization, inflammation, infestation, denationalization, lactation, prognostication, ornamentation, ramification, visitation, discrimination, alleviation, procreation, rededication, prefabrication, sensation, centralization, dalmatian, rehydration, profanation, flotation, transillumination, taxation, disorientation, subsidization, incarnation, extrapolation, investigation, recuperation, perspiration, affectation, regeneration, reforestation, desalinization, rationalization, hospitalization, inclination, naturalization, foliation, vaccination, dramatization, reincarnation, vulgarization, exacerbation, connotation, inhabitation, modification, presentation, anticipation, pacification, depredation, mobilization, deforestation, condemnation, consultation, expatriation, disintegration, denomination, conservation, exhilaration, restoration, reconfirmation, magnetization, temptation, simulation, miscommunication, navigation, maximization, generalization, perforation, elation, termination, invocation, amalgamation, coagulation, calculation, deportation, dehydration, consecration, nullification, negotiation, reputation, conglomeration, stagflation, flirtation, alienation, impregnation, colonization, miseration, innovation, agglomeration, substantiation, consolidation, jubilation, provocation, manifestation, communication, vilification, elongation, granulation, reflation, sanctification, unification, inspiration, evocation, publication, confirmation, stimulation, reparation, christianization, experimentation, assassination, permutation, revitalization, explication, equitation, registration, configuration, evacuation, delegation, infiltration, alteration, incapacitation, punctuation, situation, implementation, ossification, personification, perpetuation, explanation, constipation, insubordination, implication, recommendation, adjudication, commercialization, domestication, renegotiation, hesitation, fluctuation, cogitation, affrication, embarkation, vacillation, reclamation, deregulation, inoculation, declaration, solicitation, probation, transformation, amplification, localization, authorization, subluxation, insulation, disinformation, organisation, reinvigoration, renunciation, installation, dehumanization, humiliation, disinclination, machination, hibernation, liquidation, hallucination, congratulation, correlation, commendation, misapplication, rotation, pasteurization, deflation, application, purification, horatian, association, deliberation, miscalculation, triangulation, aggravation, decontamination, hydration, revaluation, verification, arbitration, disinflation, mummification, advocation, equivocation, location, reiteration, strangulation, incarceration, fortification, ministration, admiration, reexamination, exasperation, malformation, gravitation, orchestration, imitation, negation, confederation, refrigeration, corroboration, titillation, operation, transplantation, realization, adulation, avocation, devaluation, conjugation, proliferation, mutilation, masturbation, approximation, inundation, quotation, reservation, expiration, congregation, civilization, propagation, deification, concatenation, valuation, gestation, subordination, reunification, nitration, accumulation, importation, usurpation, resuscitation, decoration, fluoridation, regimentation, elimination, syndication, interpretation, reaffirmation, recantation, hyperinflation, detonation, insemination, regulation, specification, miniaturization, demonstration, origination, gradation, ovulation, retardation, computerization, obfuscation, incorporation, illumination, reevaluation, maturation, escalation, stipulation, salvation, tribulation, exhumation, deviation, imagination, equalization, molestation, exhortation, categorization, simplification, deprivation, visualization, sequestration, transportation, gyration, instigation, emigration, codification, standardization, reinterpretation, corporation, pressurization, optimization, respiration, contamination, premeditation, creation, differentiation, reformation, deformation, palpitation, translation, gastrulation, enumeration, dispensation, socialization, cohabitation, infatuation, confrontation, renovation, extermination, consummation, glorification, levitation, misinterpretation, variation, aspiration, nondiscrimination, frustration, intimidation, habitation, adoration, combination, celebration, reconciliation, intoxication, constellation, oxidation, implantation, immunization, marginalization, protestation, speculation, disembarkation, affiliation, westernization, coronation, retaliation, excommunication, liberalization, self-congratulation, deceleration, exploration, privatisation, culmination, intonation, procrastination, radiation, proclamation, litigation, exclamation, decentralization, segmentation, moderation, impersonation, donation, mediation, utilization, discontinuation, capitulation, privatization, predestination, sterilization, duplication, confiscation, cancellation, recrimination, reverberation, plantation, refutation, disorganization, vindication, falsification, telecommunication, obligation, optation, filtration, dictation, medication, dedication, irradiation, demoralization, harmonization, characterization, revelation, certification, eradication, destabilization, polarization, vibration, occupation, undervaluation, orientation, crustacean, graduation, indexation, observation, hydrogenation, suburbanization, saturation, precipitation, multiplication, trepidation, discoloration, nucleation, reallocation, evaluation, notification, emancipation, revocation, preservation, representation, proration, mechanization, mitigation, misrepresentation, ionization, dissociation, remediation, depravation, elevation, instrumentation, intimation, estimation, indentation, animation, desperation, desalination, separation, notation, sanitation, violation, manipulation, magnification, consideration, libration, victimization, augmentation, clarification, ventilation, recreation, designation, securitization, illustration, consternation, fascination, exhalation, indoctrination, preoccupation, dilatation, sedation, diversification, conversation, condensation, immigration, devastation, degradation, vacation, normalization, vaporization, derivation, menstruation, overpopulation, defamation, resignation, starvation, consolation, invalidation, allegation, corp, organization, intensification, identification, dissipation, affirmation, tabulation, incrustation, demobilization, communization, formulation, adaptation, incubation, quantification, globalization, demonization, collectivization, nationalization, oscillation, sedimentation, gentrification, nomination, sophistication, nonproliferation, croatian, toleration, inflation, education, facilitation, migration, reaffiliation, pollination, motivation, assimilation, duration, examination, depreciation, germination, exoneration, replication, demodulation, miscreation, stalinization, recalculation, ovation, conciliation, coloration, repudiation, suffocation, dilation, convocation, emulation, vegetation, relation, ostentation, reorganization, popularization, laceration, prostration, bifurcation, inauguration, remuneration, automation, urbanization, legalization, emanation, justification, integration, conflagration;
  2. haitian, ration, nation, station;
  3. alsatian, cetacean, castration, cessation, causation, citation, carnation;
  4. abdication, acclimation, aberration, activation, abrogation, accusation;
  5. accreditation, accommodation, acceleration, abomination, abbreviation;
  6. acidification, capitalization, alphabetization, cannibalization;
  7. americanization, demilitarization, decriminalization, antidiscrimination;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for computation:

Bengali word for Computation


Dutch words for Computation

begroting, bepaling, raming, berekening, calculatie, computerverwerking, rekenwijze.

French words for Computation

calcul, supputation, computation.

German words for Computation

Rechnung, Berechnung, Ermittlung, Errechnung.

Hindi word for Computation


Italian word for Computation


Javanese word for Computation


Malay word for Computation


Norwegian word for Computation


Polish word for Computation


Portuguese word for Computation


Russian words for Computation

вычисление, выкладка.

Turkish word for Computation