How To Spell concept?

Correct spelling: concept

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What is the definition of concept?

  1. An abstract idea or notion.

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What are the translations for concept?

Arabic word for Concept


Chinese words for Concept

概念, 观念.

Dutch words for Concept

begrip, ontwerp, notie, opvatting.

French words for Concept

principe, concept, notion, formule.

German words for Concept

Ansatz, Konzept, Problem, Plan, Vorstellung, Entwurf, Auffassung, Begriff, Konzeption, Idee, Gedanke, Vision, Erfindung.

Greek word for Concept


Italian words for Concept

modello, concetto, nozione.

Japanese word for Concept


Javanese word for Concept


Korean word for Concept


Norwegian word for Concept


Polish words for Concept

koncepcja, koncept.

Portuguese words for Concept

conceito, idéia, abordagem.

Romanian word for Concept


Russian words for Concept

понятие, концепт.

Spanish words for Concept

modelo, idea, concepto.

Turkish word for Concept