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How To Spell concern?

Correct spelling: concern

Definition of concern:

  1. an anxious feeling; "care had aged him"; "they hushed it up out of fear of public reaction"

List of misspellings for concern:

  • consering,
  • conscent,
  • condern,
  • concenrn,
  • conncers,
  • consurnd,
  • concering,
  • corncern,
  • connexion,
  • concer,
  • concernedd,
  • coincerned,
  • consernt,
  • consen,
  • concernned,
  • oncean,
  • concerm,
  • consurn,
  • concren,
  • conern,
  • cncerned,
  • concernong,
  • cornern,
  • consernd,
  • concernign,
  • concesson,
  • concernse,
  • concernt,
  • concernde,
  • comcern,
  • concerinng,
  • conren,
  • concient,
  • soncern,
  • conserne,
  • conforn,
  • concirns,
  • cancern,
  • consuner,
  • conciare,
  • oncern,
  • consuern,
  • condicion,
  • conceen,
  • concernas,
  • councern,
  • lunceon,
  • concernes,
  • concernd,
  • conceionce,
  • conserns,
  • conscerned,
  • concsiuon,
  • concenrs,
  • concel,
  • concernig,
  • conecion,
  • concen,
  • concersn,
  • concem,
  • canlearn,
  • consciou,
  • concorn,
  • corsern,
  • conciere,
  • concers,
  • consrer,
  • innocen,
  • cooncerns,
  • conceern,
  • confern,
  • concernerd,
  • consiren,
  • cncerning,
  • concernns,
  • concernede,
  • concerneed,
  • concent,
  • cincern,
  • consecion,
  • consernig,
  • concence,
  • conceerns,
  • conceirge,
  • copncern,
  • cuncerns,
  • cocern,
  • concead,
  • cornerns,
  • conecerning,
  • concepy,
  • concerinig,
  • convein,
  • cncern,
  • conxern,
  • consern,
  • cunserned,
  • consin,
  • conscern,
  • concirn.

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Rhymes for concern:

  1. churn, hurn, urn, burne, herne, erne, kearn, hern, hearn, turn, kern, burn, dern, stearn, hearne, verne, learn, stern, earn, bern, berne, stearne, vern, durn, byrne, spurn, yearn, sterne, cern, fern;
  2. sauterne, upturn, aherne, ahearn, ahern, return, adjourn, discern, laverne;
  3. unconcern;

Translations for concern:

Afrikaans word for Concern


Arabic word for Concern


Chinese words for Concern

关切, 有关, 忧虑.

Dutch words for Concern

bedrijf, onderneming, zaak, op betrekking hebben, zorg, concern, bezorgdheid, over gaan, verontrusten, ongerustheid, bekommernis, verontrusting.

French words for Concern

affaire, affecter, préoccupation, inquiétude, souci, concerner, préoccuper, toucher, porter sur, viser, soin, attention, regarder, angoisse, crainte, sollicitude, sujet de préoccupation.

German words for Concern

bedenken, Problem, Angelegenheit, angehen, Anliegen, Sache, Belang, Anteil, Bedeutung, Sorge, Konzern, Interesse, betreffen, beunruhigen, Unternehmen, Besorgnis, Betrieb, Firma, Besorgtheit, Wichtigkeit, Beunruhigung, Geschichte, Unruhe, Rücksicht, Geschäft, Ding, beschäftigen, interessieren, sich auf beziehen, bewegen, anlangen, anbelangen, anbetreffen.

Italian words for Concern

questione, sollecitudine, inquietudine, apprensione, preoccupazione.

Japanese words for Concern

当該, ゆうりょ, ろうばしん, はいりょ, とうがい, まつわる, 老婆心, じあん, 事案, 纏る, かんする.

Javanese word for Concern


Malay word for Concern


Norwegian word for Concern


Polish words for Concern

obawa, kwestia, troska, koncern, martwić, mówić o, budzić obawy, mieć znaczenie dla, tyczyć się.

Portuguese words for Concern

preocupação, questão, dizer respeito a, assunto, angústia, receio, inquietação, ansiedade, ser da conta de, ter a ver com, incidir sobre.

Romanian word for Concern


Russian words for Concern

обеспокоенность, озабоченность, беспокойство, концерн, касаться, волновать, беспокоить, интересоваться, заниматься, иметь отношение.

Spanish words for Concern

envolver, preocupación, inquietud, problema, afectar, referirse, concernir, atañer, asunto, referir, cuidado, deseo, preocupar, ansiedad, prioridad.

Swedish word for Concern


Turkish word for Concern


Ukrainian word for Concern