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Spell Check of concerned

Correct spelling: concerned


Definition of concerned:

  1. Engaged; interested; solicitous; anxious; muddled.

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This graph shows how "concerned" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for concerned:

  1. As far as I'm concerned there's only one person in this world who can tell me to do anything- and what's happened to my wife, anyway?
  2. So, all she seemed to notice in his speech Was what concerned her children.
  3. Long ago there dwelt in this land a people wise in all the things that concerned their home.

Quotes for concerned:

  1. As far as we are concerned, we are ready to leave today, tomorrow, at any time, to join the people of Haiti, to share in their suffering, help rebuild the country, moving from misery to poverty with dignity. - Jean-Bertrand Aristide
  2. It's my view that any conservative who loves his country has to be extremely concerned. - Vincent Bugliosi
  3. One doesn't make art for other people, even though I am very concerned with the viewer. - Anish Kapoor
  4. As far as a guy like Ray Lewis is concerned, you know he's going to be around the ball all the time. - Jamal Lewis
  5. I'm pretty basic as far as technique is concerned. I don't use many gadgets, and I like the sound my guitar makes, anyway. - Brian May

Idioms for concerned:

  1. so far as sth is concerned
  2. as far as you are concerned
  3. as far as sth is concerned
  4. as far as sm is concerned
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