How To Spell conclusion?

Correct spelling: conclusion

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What are the translations for conclusion?

Arabic word for Conclusion


Bengali word for Conclusion


Chinese words for Conclusion

总结, 结果, 結论, 结局, 了局, 断语, 终局.

Dutch words for Conclusion

afronding, resultaat, besluit, vaststelling, einde, sluiting, conclusie, afsluiting, bevinding, afloop, gevolgtrekking, beëindiging, voltooiing, slotsom, ontknoping, deductie.

French words for Conclusion

conclusion, fin.

German words for Conclusion

Abschluss, Ergebnis, Ausgang, Schluss, Feststellung, Fazit, Schlussfolgerung, Rückschluss, Ende, Beendigung, Folgerung, Konklusion, Ausklang, Entschluss, Beendung, final, Slot.

Greek word for Conclusion


Hindi word for Conclusion


Italian word for Conclusion


Japanese words for Conclusion

締結, 最後, 成立, さいご, 帰結, 結末, 切り上げ, 結び, むすび, 帰着, 〆, 附論, 論断, きちゃく, 治まり, ろんけつ, けつろん, きりあげ, 締め, 論結, 詰り, しめ, まとまり, 決り, 終局, 締め括り, だんてい, よだん, くくり, だいだんえん, はんだん, ちゃくちてん, 纏まり, 着地点, 極まり, くきょう, 終決, しめくくり, 断案, 段落, 結論.

Korean word for Conclusion


Malay word for Conclusion


Marathi word for Conclusion


Norwegian word for Conclusion


Polish words for Conclusion

wniosek, podsumowanie, zawarcie, zawieranie, stwierdzenie, konkluzja.

Romanian word for Conclusion


Russian words for Conclusion

концовка, развязка.

Spanish words for Conclusion

resultado, cierre, desenlace.

Swedish word for Conclusion


Tamil word for Conclusion


Turkish word for Conclusion


Ukrainian word for Conclusion