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How To Spell condensation?

Correct spelling: condensation

List of misspellings for condensation:

  • conversastion,
  • c9ndensation,
  • condejsation,
  • contension,
  • codensation,
  • corndination,
  • condeferation,
  • convenstion,
  • condenstion,
  • confentation,
  • cobdensation,
  • condinsation,
  • condustion,
  • contanimation,
  • clndensation,
  • convresation,
  • cohdensation,
  • fondensation,
  • condisation,
  • conentration,
  • concentartion,
  • conddnsation,
  • condensating,
  • convernsation,
  • continuantion,
  • convrsation,
  • confensation,
  • conrensation,
  • condintion,
  • condecention,
  • conpenstation,
  • conpensation,
  • containmation,
  • cojdensation,
  • dondensation,
  • condemnatation,
  • condencation,
  • condistion,
  • condescention,
  • condrnsation,
  • condontion,
  • cond3nsation,
  • condensaible,
  • modernisation,
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  • convetsation.

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Chemical compound

Felinine, also known as-2-amino-3-propanoic acid, is a chemical compound and amino acid found in cat urine and a precursor via microbial lyase of the putative cat pheromone and thiol called 3-mercapto-3-methylbutan-1-ol.



Chemical compound

Imidazolidine is a heterocyclic compound (CH₂)₂(NH)₂CH₂. The parent imidazolidine is lightly studied, but related compounds substituted on one or both nitrogen centers are more common. Generally, they are colorless, polar, basic compounds.

Jasper Kirkby



Jasper Kirkby is a British experimental particle physicist currently with CERN. He originated the idea for the Tau-Charm Factory, an accelerator now under construction as BEPC II in Beijing.



Chemical compound

Tropolone is an organic compound with the formula C₇H₅O. It is a pale yellow solid that is soluble in organic solvents. The compound has been of interest to research chemists because of its unusual electronic structure and its role as a ligand precursor.



Chemical compound

Xanthohumol is a natural product found in the female inflorescences of Humulus lupulus, also known as hops. This compound is also found in beer and belongs to a class of compounds that contribute to the bitterness and flavor of hops.

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Quotes for condensation:

  1. The problem was to sustain at any cost the feeling you had in the theater that you were watching a real person, yes, but an intense condensation of his experience, not simply a realistic series of episodes.
  2. Poetry teaches us music, metaphor, condensation and specificity.

Rhymes for condensation:

  1. corp, recantation, commendation, complication, damnation, crustacean, characterization, pressurization, recreation, depreciation, reconfirmation, commemoration, rejuvenation, infestation, insubordination, deification, declaration, incubation, jubilation, personalization, expectation, reclassification, education, simplification, inoculation, rehabilitation, mutation, undervaluation, globalization, indignation, perpetuation, consternation, usurpation, dissociation, aspiration, sarmatian, inspiration, compensation, diversification, summation, reverberation, reaffiliation, demonstration, proclamation, perforation, regulation, consideration, invitation, centralization, dissertation, formulation, escalation, nucleation, adjudication, communication, hospitalization, hallucination, obligation, immigration, consultation, nondiscrimination, backwardation, reservation, dictation, fortification, emancipation, privatisation, disinclination, orientation, proration, recommendation, graduation, capitulation, perspiration, mitigation, disorientation, fixation, determination, embarkation, appreciation, anticipation, transillumination, improvisation, harmonization, consolidation, annotation, fumigation, mechanization, electrification, implementation, plantation, premeditation, domination, inhabitation, communization, association, examination, agitation, standardization, cultivation, equalization, segmentation, designation, destabilization, dehydration, procrastination, amalgamation, stabilization, overvaluation, nonproliferation, degeneration, ordination, deceleration, gyration, excavation, valuation, gentrification, triangulation, desalination, relation, instigation, elimination, glaciation, congratulation, reallocation, depredation, confiscation, optation, discontinuation, securitization, gasification, dramatization, demoralization, unification, celebration, impregnation, accumulation, speculation, extrapolation, magnification, formation, dissipation, miscreation, agglomeration, gradation, misinterpretation, malformation, decertification, immunization, overpopulation, limitation, bifurcation, sterilization, toleration, culmination, connotation, proliferation, nationalization, maximization, cremation, reincarnation, aggravation, preoccupation, misapplication, evocation, intimidation, transformation, commercialization, exhalation, vacillation, reconciliation, imitation, reaffirmation, restoration, translation, rehydration, reputation, intonation, foundation, libration, destination, certification, hydrogenation, confederation, localization, configuration, litigation, exhilaration, oration, population, personification, fibrillation, neutralization, hibernation, legalization, registration, computerization, inclination, respiration, stalinization, intoxication, confirmation, utilization, admiration, exhortation, pacification, fermentation, alleviation, lubrication, equitation, deviation, dehumanization, depravation, titillation, combination, categorization, arbitration, deforestation, computation, cohabitation, predestination, reauthorization, gestation, creation, condemnation, syndication, reformation, socialization, alienation, adoration, ministration, industrialization, miseration, gastrulation, frustration, ventilation, convocation, precipitation, perturbation, clarification, renegotiation, mobilization, renomination, concatenation, stagflation, exploration, illumination, magnetization, location, detonation, intimation, collectivization, notation, sophistication, stagnation, prognostication, disorganization, elevation, sanitation, authentication, vocation, disintegration, negation, liquidation, privation, compilation, nullification, manifestation, recertification, duration, deregulation, inflation, automation, emigration, desegregation, exasperation, suburbanization, reflation, sedimentation, miscalculation, identification, conjugation, conflagration, confrontation, exhumation, indication, imputation, elaboration, palpitation, propagation, divination, ovulation, indemnification, aviation, illustration, reforestation, nitration, modification, ostentation, coordination, orchestration, machination, excommunication, reconfiguration, demodulation, narration, visualization, devaluation, cancellation, articulation, isolation, inundation, inhalation, mediation, radiation, information, saponification, operation, defamation, germination, reconsideration, recrimination, realization, impersonation, explication, incrustation, fabrication, profanation, prostration, contemplation, qualification, origination, reunification, retardation, desecration, discoloration, coloration, revaluation, derivation, moderation, flotation, reclamation, reexamination, dispensation, temptation, salvation, resignation, liberation, horatian, animation, evacuation, reorganization, deliberation, conciliation, politicization, integration, desiccation, criminalization, segregation, colonization, starvation, importation, simulation, probation, popularization, falsification, explanation, avocation, misinformation, refutation, vaporization, rationalization, reevaluation, manipulation, elongation, balkanization, legislation, approximation, desolation, relocation, consecration, fluctuation, negotiation, revocation, indexation, menstruation, exfoliation, initiation, innovation, hydration, reinterpretation, refrigeration, insulation, humiliation, preparation, consummation, flirtation, generation, monopolization, irradiation, domestication, recuperation, degradation, ionization, investigation, sedation, substantiation, regimentation, incrimination, demarcation, disinformation, demobilization, exacerbation, christianization, duplication, appalachian, punctuation, fertilization, ejaculation, renovation, annexation, termination, pigmentation, experimentation, molestation, justification, infiltration, liberalization, transplantation, calculation, misidentification, inauguration, telecommunication, implication, desalinization, collaboration, exploitation, specification, imagination, incorporation, denunciation, ornamentation, differentiation, violation, enumeration, assimilation, lactation, granulation, exaggeration, decontamination, variation, optimization, marginalization, ratification, procreation, amplification, appropriation, adaptation, victimization, inflammation, donation, disqualification, irrigation, protestation, rectification, recitation, separation, codification, rededication, strangulation, replication, assassination, pontification, dalmatian, regeneration, authorization, congregation, instrumentation, democratization, permutation, provocation, renunciation, dilation, depopulation, navigation, remediation, gravitation, situation, augmentation, croatian, interpretation, cooperation, saturation, excitation, conservation, annihilation, application, disembarkation, gratification, specialization, presentation, indentation, dilatation, revelation, figuration, publication, reparation, notification, sensation, correlation, revitalization, interrogation, vacation, preservation, evaporation, emanation, fascination, suffocation, contamination, laceration, recalculation, deflation, irritation, incapacitation, altercation, estimation, organization, hyperinflation, unionization, incoordination, allegation, miniaturization, expatriation, amortization, mutilation, repudiation, coagulation, installation, devastation, vulgarization, oxidation, representation, facilitation, approbation, dedication, incarceration, extermination, coronation, disinflation, echolocation, filtration, verification, participation, modernization, corroboration, dissemination, misrepresentation, affectation, validation, vaccination, discrimination, deportation, incantation, tabulation, civilization, denomination, desperation, insemination, implantation, amputation, classification, delineation, subluxation, disputation, pronunciation, visitation, distillation, expropriation, oscillation, trepidation, subsidization, russification, amelioration, levitation, hybridization, detoxification, mineralization, occupation, pagination, habitation, subordination, mummification, miscommunication, invocation, naturalization, intensification, transportation, vilification, nomination, quotation, obfuscation, modulation, demonization, prefabrication, appellation, affrication, migration, pasteurization, calibration, rotation, delegation, invalidation, remuneration, evaluation, decoration, advocation, foliation, privatization, reiteration, eradication, vegetation, ramification, affirmation, purification, decentralization, deformation, sanctification, motivation, normalization, continuation, documentation, denationalization, argumentation, exclamation, allocation, vindication, cogitation, sequestration, corporation, fluoridation, dislocation, repatriation, affiliation, inactivation, edification, misappropriation, quantification, deprivation, expiration, confabulation, equivocation, solicitation, observation, ossification, infatuation, self-congratulation, urbanization, concentration, federation, rumination, stimulation, reinvigoration, relaxation, vibration, glorification, indoctrination, generalization, taxation, westernization, medication, adulation, fragmentation, consolation, alteration, exoneration, constellation, retaliation, conversation, tribulation, ovation, constipation, maturation, conglomeration, insinuation, incarnation, redecoration, decapitation, pollination, emulation, polarization, hesitation, elation, resuscitation, meditation, stipulation, ligation, organisation, masturbation, multiplication;
  2. haitian, nation, ration, station;
  3. carnation, castration, cetacean, causation, citation, alsatian, cessation;
  4. aberration, abdication, accusation, abrogation, acclimation, activation;
  5. abomination, accreditation, acceleration, abbreviation, accommodation;
  6. acidification, alphabetization, capitalization, cannibalization;
  7. americanization, decriminalization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for condensation:

Afrikaans word for Condensation


Arabic word for Condensation


Bengali word for Condensation


Chinese word for Condensation


Dutch word for Condensation


French word for Condensation


German words for Condensation

Kurzfassung, Niederschlag, Zusammenfassung, Verdichtung, Beschlag, Kondensation, Betauung, Tauwasser, Kondenswasser, Kondenswasserbildung, Kondensat, Schwitzwasser, Tauwasserbildung, Kondensierung.

Italian word for Condensation


Japanese word for Condensation


Javanese word for Condensation


Korean word for Condensation


Malay word for Condensation


Marathi word for Condensation

केंद्रीभूत होणे.

Polish word for Condensation


Portuguese word for Condensation


Russian words for Condensation

конденсация, сгущение, сжижение, конденсат.

Swedish word for Condensation


Tamil word for Condensation


Turkish word for Condensation


Ukrainian word for Condensation


Vietnamese word for Condensation

sự ngưng tụ.