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How To Spell condition?

Correct spelling: condition

List of misspellings for condition:

  • cobdition,
  • conditionthrer,
  • condihsion,
  • conditioar,
  • cometition,
  • cocnetation,
  • conditoner,
  • contitioning,
  • cantation,
  • coniption,
  • conidtion,
  • conditona,
  • condintion,
  • condiiton,
  • countition,
  • conditiner,
  • contiuation,
  • connditions,
  • consdertion,
  • constion,
  • condison,
  • congition,
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  • cindition,
  • confishon,
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  • conditionor,
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  • contidion,
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  • constution,
  • condations,
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  • thecondition,
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It's a Condition


Studio album by Romeo Void

It's a Condition is the first studio album by American new wave band Romeo Void, released in 1981. It was released on CD by Wounded Bird Records, together with Strange Language, Debora Iyall's 1986 solo album, in July 2007, and digitally in 2011.

The Alien Condition


Book by Stephen Goldin

The Alien Condition is a science fiction short story collection edited by Stephen Goldin and published in 1973 by Ballantine Books.

The Ideal Condition


Album by Paul Hartnoll

The Ideal Condition is the first solo album from Paul Hartnoll who, along with his brother Phil, formed the electronic band Orbital.

The Inhuman Condition


Studio album by Sam Roberts

The Inhuman Condition is the first solo studio release by Canadian musician Sam Roberts, released in 2002. The tracks featured reworked versions of his demo "Brother Down" together with producer and percussionist Jordon Zadorozny.

Without Condition


Album by Ginny Owens

Without Condition is the debut album by Contemporary Christian music singer Ginny Owens. It charted two Billboard album charts, peaking at number 39 on the Heatseekers Album chart and number 25 on the Top Contemporary Christian music chart.

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Quotes for condition:

  1. Definitely not a sitcom, that's my first condition. No sitcoms.
  2. I never believed that surrendering the executive power should be a condition of getting the second term. The second term should stand on its own feet.
  3. The poet knows himself only on the condition that things resound in him, and that in him, at a single awakening, they and he come forth together out of sleep.
  4. When a nation goes down, or a society perishes, one condition may always be found; they forgot where they came from. They lost sight of what had brought them along.
  5. The condition in New Orleans was changing every day. I said, why don't we appropriate another $10 billion, come back and look at the situation, and do another $10 billion every week, or every 10 days?

Translations for condition:

Chinese words for Condition

状况, 地步, 制约.

Dutch words for Condition

toestand, voorwaarde, conditie, ziekte, aandoening, omstandigheid, gesteldheid, kwaal.

French words for Condition

forme, condition, restriction, critère, stipulation.

German words for Condition

Auflage, Zustand, Staat, Klausel, Lage, Beschaffenheit, Verfassung, Voraussetzung, anpassen, Stellung, aufbereiten, Bedingung, Erkrankung, konditionieren, Situation, leiden, Vorbedingung, Kondition, Gegebenheit, Befinden, körperliche Verfassung, zur Bedingung machen, Pathologie.

Japanese words for Condition

コンディション, 保存状態, 有様, じょうけん, 案配, 侭, 現状有姿, げんじょうゆうし, ほぞんじょうたい, せいやく, すがた, 動静, ぜんてい, 工合, じょうせい, 加減, 様体, けいき, ちょうし, 形勢, どうせい, しょうじょう.

Polish words for Condition

stan, warunek, choroba, kondycja, schorzenie.

Portuguese word for Condition


Russian word for Condition


Spanish words for Condition

problema, estado, forma, determinar, clase, requisito, trastorno, enfermedad, condicionar, circunstancia, padecimiento, patología.