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Arabic word for Conduct


Dutch word for Conduct


French words for Conduct

mener, conduire, diriger, propager, poursuivre, organiser, procéder, tenue, conduite, comportement, être conducteur de, déroulement.

German words for Conduct

Haltung, Verhalten, Durchführung, Benehmen, führen, durchführen, betreiben, dirigieren, leiten, ausführen, Leitung, Führung, Verhaltensweise, Handlungsweise, Gebaren, Gebarung, Betragen, Tun, ableiten, durchleiten, Attitüde.

Greek word for Conduct


Hindi word for Conduct


Italian words for Conduct

condurre, condotta, conduzione.

Japanese words for Conduct

行い, コンダクト, 勤め振り, 所作, しょさ, 施す, つとめぶり, そうこう, 処世, 操行, しょせい.

Javanese word for Conduct


Korean word for Conduct

...을 실시하다.

Norwegian word for Conduct


Polish words for Conduct

prowadzenie, przeprowadzenie, zaprowadzić.

Portuguese words for Conduct

atitude, conduzir, conduta, comportamento, reger, desenrolar, comportamentos, condutas.

Russian words for Conduct

поведение, дирижировать, образ действий.

Spanish words for Conduct

presentar, dirigir, celebrar, realizar, gestionar, llevar, conducir, comportamiento, conducta, de conducta, dirigirse, efectuar, de comportamiento.

Swedish word for Conduct


Ukrainian word for Conduct