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How To Spell confabulation?

Correct spelling: confabulation

Definition of confabulation:

  1. Familiar talk; easy, unrestrained, unceremonious conversation.

List of misspellings for confabulation:

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This graph shows how "confabulation" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for confabulation:

  1. As a craftsman he was compelled, on his reputation, to respect him, and he had accordingly availed himself of Carrados's friendship for a confabulation – Max Carrados by Ernest Bramah
  2. The purser, who had been in close confabulation with his chief, hastily took his leave. – The Box with the Broken Seals by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. The confabulation was conducted throughout in the same foreign language which Levi had used when first speaking to them- a language quite unintelligible to Hiram's ears. – Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates by Howard I. Pyle

Rhymes for confabulation:

  1. expropriation, exhumation, politicization, pollination, incrimination, discontinuation, discrimination, harmonization, securitization, machination, frustration, confiscation, preparation, expiration, impersonation, amputation, nitration, renegotiation, litigation, miniaturization, invocation, vulgarization, denationalization, intimidation, molestation, implantation, association, representation, negation, inflammation, dilation, amalgamation, intimation, hydration, globalization, decoration, inclination, deliberation, magnification, perforation, adjudication, miseration, hospitalization, reincarnation, variation, dilatation, nucleation, escalation, inhalation, mitigation, convocation, deflation, narration, information, affiliation, sanctification, overpopulation, nomination, neutralization, utilization, lubrication, exacerbation, intensification, relaxation, presentation, ligation, rationalization, federation, remuneration, migration, culmination, classification, illustration, exfoliation, vegetation, admiration, reiteration, recrimination, centralization, civilization, degeneration, revocation, defamation, glorification, insubordination, echolocation, violation, estimation, obligation, commercialization, excitation, levitation, corroboration, evaporation, clarification, hydrogenation, education, telecommunication, pagination, reforestation, orchestration, constipation, rehydration, denunciation, exasperation, bifurcation, compilation, desecration, emulation, dalmatian, socialization, motivation, pacification, cancellation, aspiration, ramification, location, exhilaration, humiliation, decapitation, assimilation, reauthorization, ventilation, condensation, concatenation, reinterpretation, enumeration, reorganization, gravitation, explanation, mutation, indentation, duration, modification, anticipation, fixation, notation, fluctuation, reconciliation, manifestation, excommunication, reconfirmation, generation, dehydration, disorganization, fabrication, domination, computerization, precipitation, evacuation, quantification, approximation, fumigation, solicitation, decertification, divination, figuration, cogitation, oration, aviation, coagulation, irrigation, deforestation, victimization, nullification, extermination, imitation, normalization, reexamination, strangulation, prognostication, elaboration, exploitation, deification, organisation, donation, collectivization, inflation, commemoration, documentation, gyration, dissemination, fibrillation, stagnation, immigration, rectification, resignation, quotation, granulation, condemnation, infestation, respiration, visitation, gestation, approbation, notification, reservation, ejaculation, communication, legalization, appellation, pigmentation, insinuation, ratification, experimentation, interpretation, incorporation, mineralization, desperation, ostentation, colonization, cohabitation, rehabilitation, indignation, extrapolation, preoccupation, determination, elimination, amortization, exoneration, meditation, privatisation, inspiration, sensation, imagination, mutilation, evaluation, intoxication, legislation, stimulation, cremation, gentrification, annotation, disintegration, demonstration, revitalization, transillumination, visualization, reunification, personification, hallucination, delegation, incantation, indoctrination, specification, innovation, desalination, orientation, inundation, creation, salvation, contemplation, realization, detonation, examination, equalization, fluoridation, elation, formation, accumulation, commendation, prefabrication, conglomeration, incarnation, inactivation, improvisation, occupation, recuperation, undervaluation, situation, probation, connotation, incrustation, criminalization, naturalization, consolation, reaffiliation, jubilation, malformation, dictation, infiltration, horatian, investigation, facilitation, restoration, origination, perturbation, medication, indemnification, refrigeration, imputation, provocation, 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redecoration, modulation, capitulation, implication, desegregation, exhalation, desiccation, rededication, adulation, insulation, domestication, communization, configuration, allocation, relocation, argumentation, population, habitation, perpetuation, exploration, recreation, valuation, dissociation, temptation, participation, interrogation, emanation, tribulation, devastation, renomination, triangulation, obfuscation, reaffirmation, certification, appropriation, incapacitation, equivocation, speculation, reformation, gradation, demobilization, graduation, demoralization, vacation, rejuvenation, rumination, remediation, dedication, stabilization, tabulation, assassination, explication, generalization, procreation, publication, exclamation, sophistication, misapplication, nondiscrimination, invitation, affirmation, alteration, advocation, demodulation, invalidation, hibernation, nonproliferation, infatuation, expectation, subsidization, correlation, reallocation, depredation, resuscitation, fascination, consummation, optation, dispensation, germination, desalinization, misrepresentation, deportation, equitation, laceration, concentration, monopolization, indication, observation, excavation, degradation, reflation, installation, summation, detoxification, popularization, conciliation, recertification, translation, misidentification, balkanization, renovation, aggravation, automation, sedimentation, privation, croatian, constellation, renunciation, predestination, overvaluation, retaliation, appreciation, dislocation, continuation, maximization, compensation, congregation, russification, proclamation, annexation, embarkation, authorization, alienation, categorization, deceleration, ionization, discoloration, electrification, reinvigoration, misinterpretation, regimentation, vacillation, inoculation, formulation, indexation, oxidation, disinformation, repatriation, importation, fragmentation, procrastination, elongation, devaluation, recalculation, articulation, ovation, mummification, privatization, segmentation, foundation, stipulation, syndication, fermentation, mechanization, sterilization, reclamation, liberalization, saponification, affectation, liquidation, alleviation, incoordination, fertilization, preservation, disputation, subordination, insemination, masturbation, unification, altercation, qualification, computation, dissipation, derivation, misinformation, menstruation, demonization, sarmatian, vocation, polarization, application, localization, premeditation, differentiation, sedation, cultivation, negotiation, confederation, congratulation, toleration, duplication, ornamentation, marginalization, reconsideration, vaccination, deformation, coloration, animation, maturation, pronunciation, depreciation, isolation, disinclination, validation, prostration, augmentation, recommendation, multiplication, confrontation, demarcation, disqualification, limitation, manipulation, replication, libration, corp, westernization, destabilization, initiation, suburbanization, evocation, termination, conjugation, coronation, complication, backwardation, dramatization, relation, democratization, refutation, transformation, rotation, coordination, reputation, designation, segregation, usurpation, hybridization, calibration, exaggeration, mobilization, conflagration, affrication, repudiation, vilification, agitation, unionization, identification, flirtation, consultation, codification, delineation, justification, self-congratulation, glaciation, decentralization, suffocation, disembarkation, consolidation, agglomeration, trepidation, emigration;
  2. station, nation, haitian, ration;
  3. cetacean, castration, alsatian, causation, carnation, citation, cessation;
  4. aberration, abdication, acclimation, accusation, activation, abrogation;
  5. accommodation, accreditation, abomination, abbreviation, acceleration;
  6. cannibalization, alphabetization, acidification, capitalization;
  7. antidiscrimination, decriminalization, americanization, demilitarization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for confabulation:

Afrikaans word for Confabulation

vertroulik gesprek.

Arabic word for Confabulation


Bengali word for Confabulation


French word for Confabulation


Greek word for Confabulation


Hindi word for Confabulation


Italian word for Confabulation


Japanese word for Confabulation


Korean word for Confabulation


Malay word for Confabulation


Polish word for Confabulation


Portuguese word for Confabulation


Romanian word for Confabulation


Russian word for Confabulation


Turkish word for Confabulation


Ukrainian word for Confabulation


Vietnamese word for Confabulation

cuộc đàm luận.