How To Spell conferee?

Correct spelling: conferee

What is the definition of conferee?

  1. a member of a conference

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What are the rhymes for conferee?

  1. decree, mcgee, leigh, zee, g, ski, guarantee, ofc, nie, tv, c, designee, marquis, bea, pree, prix, sheree, plea, sie, loree, rosalee, rupee, ee, te, ji, bibi, franchisee, degree, jie, referee, fee, nestle, jubilee, t, tree, re, nee, nghi, disagree, nic, eap, me, pri, ghee, oversea, we, ged, mi, trainee, vendee, li, m3, draftee, bui, jee, flee, licensee, mme, magee, tenn, sri, bbc, lxi, quay, flea, xie, hee, ddt, potpourri, se, bt, henri, d, louie, zea, oad, emcee, quai, whoopee, fi, klee, nominee, dundee, ib, id, key, mcghee, qui, tea, sightsee, enrollee, ravi, lee, odp, thi, ye, xi, waikiki, shri, cat-3, repartee, escapee, indri, enlistee, nabil, dsv, ve, rea, gyi, mpg, lp, ip, be, sea, ne, mc, shi, banshee, devotee, yippee, curie, guaranty, fop, wee, andree, si, z, lea, chee, tyree, vee, brie, inductee, kee, dea, esprit, cod, fsi, parolee, deportee, mee, goatee, detainee, c3, gutsy, de, thierry, sze, cyb, yi, internee, see, spree, jessee, vi, undersea, cac, bee, trustee, she, pea, pawnee, atp, apc, bree, chea, cxc, tee, rb, yee, qi, crea, dee, brea, the, ranee, p, valoree, ree, snee, yie, resignee, ti, foresee, spie, lavie, three, kea, appointee, ab, ki, cree, ze, tse, pattee, sep, kyi, smee, gee, slee, dupree, jaycee, cie, markee, thee, njt, lessee, marquee, khe, bourgeoisie, musee, capri, mit, chablis, sci, he, v, je, knee, free, mt, tennessee, guarani, rosemarie, honoree, blea, syp, marie, glee, b, cc, ot, yangtze, debris, mea, retiree, cd, lsd;
  2. albee, achee, alee, abee, ac, adee, agree;
  3. adoptee, amc, amputee, adoree, absentee, abt, addressee;
  4. hnat, lapd, irit, interviewee, knbc, geac;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for conferee?

Arabic word for Conferee


Bengali word for Conferee


Dutch word for Conferee


French word for Conferee

conférence que.

German word for Conferee


Hindi word for Conferee


Italian word for Conferee


Japanese word for Conferee


Javanese word for Conferee


Korean word for Conferee

회의 참석자.

Malay word for Conferee


Marathi word for Conferee


Norwegian word for Conferee


Portuguese word for Conferee

participante da conferência.

Russian word for Conferee

участник конференции.

Spanish word for Conferee


Swedish word for Conferee


Turkish word for Conferee

ödül alan kimse.

Ukrainian word for Conferee

учасник конференції.

Vietnamese word for Conferee

chuyện trò.