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How To Spell congo?

Correct spelling: congo

What are the misspellings for congo ?

  • kingom,
  • conyac,
  • concolor,
  • goingon,
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What is the definition of congo?

  1. Black tea, of higher grade (finer leaf and less dusty) than the present bohea. See Tea.

What does the abbreviation congo mean?

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This graph shows how "congo" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for congo?

  1. There was also friction over similar attempts for the development of the French Congo – A History of the Third French Republic by C. H. C. Wright
  2. An old- school president, at this juncture, will have little more authority than a Congo king would have at a conference of jurists in Paris. – Psycho-Phone Messages by Francis Grierson
  3. I seem as much of a curiosity as a white man on the Congo – With Edge Tools by Hobart Chatfield-Taylor

What are the quotes for congo?

  1. All the fascination of King Solomon's Mines seems to be behind those great mountains and this I may add is a bit of advance work for mother, an entering wedge to my disappearing from sight for years and years in the Congo.
  2. When I was a boy we didn't wake up with Vietnam and have Cyprus for lunch and the Congo for dinner.
  3. There is a need to take advantage of the change that has taken place in the Congo, however tragic that has been in its coming.
  4. I would hate to see operations in the Congo held hostage to Sierra Leone but I really think that's the way it's got to be. At one point we've got to decide to get it right and we've got to be professional.
  5. I'm glad that it didn't take as long to get Shepard off the ground as it's taken this series. I'd begun to think the Congo would be ahead of us in the space race before Whispering Smith ever got on the air.

What are the rhymes for congo?

  1. arango;

What are the translations for congo?

Arabic word for Congo


Bengali word for Congo


Chinese word for Congo


German word for Congo


Greek word for Congo


Hindi word for Congo


Italian word for Congo


Japanese word for Congo


Marathi word for Congo


Russian word for Congo


Tamil word for Congo


Ukrainian word for Congo


Vietnamese word for Congo

nước Congo.