How To Spell congratulations?

Correct spelling: congratulations

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What are the quotes for congratulations?

  1. Congratulations. I knew the record would stand until it was broken.
  2. The effect of liberty to individuals is that they may do what they please: we ought to see what it will please them to do, before we risk congratulations.
  3. Congratulations are in order for Woody Allen- he and Soon Yi have a brand new baby daughter. It's all part of Woody's plan to grow his own wives.
  4. We have a problem. 'Congratulations.' But it's a tough problem. 'Then double congratulations.'
  5. Congratulations, you have a sense of humor. And to those who didn't: Go stick your head in the mud.

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What are the translations for congratulations?

Afrikaans word for Congratulations

Baie geluk.

Arabic word for Congratulations


Chinese word for Congratulations


Dutch words for Congratulations

complimenten, felicitaties, felicitatie, gelukwensen.

French words for Congratulations

félicitations, compliments.

German words for Congratulations

Glückwunsch, Glückwünsche, Gratulationen, Beglückwünschung.

Greek word for Congratulations


Italian word for Congratulations


Japanese words for Congratulations

おめでとうございます, お祝い, 祝意, がし, 祝い, ことぶき, お祝, お目出度うご座います, 壽, 賀詞, ばんじょう, しゅくい, コングラチュレーションズ, 御祝い, 御祝, 万丈, 御目出度う御座います, 祝, コングラチュレーション, はいが, おいわい, ゆわい, 寿, いわい, 斎, しゅくが, 拝賀.

Javanese word for Congratulations


Malay word for Congratulations


Norwegian word for Congratulations


Polish word for Congratulations


Portuguese words for Congratulations

cumprimentos, parabéns, congratulações.

Russian word for Congratulations


Spanish words for Congratulations

felicitaciones, felicidades, enhorabuena.

Swedish word for Congratulations


Tamil word for Congratulations


Turkish word for Congratulations

tebrik ederiz.

Ukrainian word for Congratulations


Vietnamese word for Congratulations

những lời chúc mừng.