How To Spell connection?

Correct spelling: connection

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What are the translations for connection?

Chinese words for Connection

连线, 连接件, 关系, 转接, 缔.

Dutch words for Connection

verbinding, klik, aansluiting, koppeling, samenhang, connectie.

French words for Connection

contact, lien, connexion, raccord, association, correspondance, attache, combinaison, jonction, branchement, communication.

German words for Connection

Band, Bezug, Anschluss, Verbindung, Verbundenheit, Zusammenhang, Link, Rapport, Vereinigung, Verband, Anbindung, Bindeglied, Beziehung, Querverbindung, Verkehrsverbindung, Relation, Kontakt, Anknüpfung, Ankopplung, Anschlussflug, Anschlussstutzen, Konnektion, Konnex, Verkopplung, Schaltverbindung, Anschlusszug, Liaison.

Greek word for Connection


Hindi word for Connection


Italian word for Connection


Japanese words for Connection

関連, 繋がり, 関わり, ゆかり, 連接, 絆, かかわり, 縁, コネ, 乗り換え, かかり, 係属, せつぞく, 係わり, 乗換え, 係り結び, 聯繋, 引っ懸かり, 覊絆, よしみ, れんらく, 連関, 好, えにし, れんせつ, れんさ, 連繋, 引っ掛かり, つづきがら, 関聯, 係り, 係結び, ぞくがら, 所縁, 紲, よしび, えに, 引っ掛り, ひっかかり.

Javanese word for Connection


Marathi word for Connection


Norwegian word for Connection


Polish words for Connection

przyłączenie, podłączenie, przyłącze, koneksja.

Portuguese words for Connection

elo, correspondência, conexão, associação, acoplamento, interligação.

Russian words for Connection

подключение, пересадка.

Spanish words for Connection

enlace, empalme, contacto, nexo.

Swedish word for Connection