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How To Spell consideration?

Correct spelling: consideration

Definition of consideration:

  1. information that should be kept in mind when making a decision; "another consideration is the time it would take"

List of misspellings for consideration:

  • considiration,
  • constrotion,
  • consioderation,
  • consideation,
  • concidration,
  • consideretion,
  • concertration,
  • concetration,
  • consiceration,
  • consideratioin,
  • considerationn,
  • cocideration,
  • constepation,
  • consetration,
  • consittution,
  • considerowner,
  • consitution,
  • consentration,
  • consideering,
  • sonsideration,
  • consideredtion,
  • consrution,
  • conceration,
  • constervation,
  • considderation,
  • consdiraion,
  • consderation,
  • considreation,
  • considerationw,
  • consideratio,
  • considertion,
  • considdering,
  • consideratiobn,
  • considuration,
  • considerashon,
  • consdierations,
  • onnsideration,
  • cnsideration,
  • considerateion,
  • constration,
  • considersation,
  • considerationin,
  • consturtion,
  • considration,
  • concidoration,
  • consintrations,
  • consederations,
  • considerating,
  • concideration,
  • concerdation,
  • consoidation,
  • consideratoin,
  • conciderating,
  • cpnsideration,
  • conscentration,
  • considerartion,
  • consdideration,
  • concitration,
  • consideraing,
  • condsidering,
  • consedration,
  • conciderations,
  • concintration,
  • consontration,
  • consoderations,
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  • consitration,
  • consideratin,
  • consiteration,
  • coonsideration,
  • consiseration,
  • concedration,
  • consideratons,
  • consitition,
  • consitpation,
  • consieration,
  • reconcideration,
  • consintrating,
  • onsideration,
  • considerign,
  • considerin,
  • consdertion,
  • coustrution,
  • conseteration,
  • constrution,
  • condiseration,
  • considerstion,
  • cnsidering,
  • cosideration,
  • condideration,
  • conideration,
  • cinsideration,
  • condiserations,
  • consideraton,
  • consumeration,
  • conciduration,
  • consitiution,
  • cosiderations,
  • consaideration,
  • congifuration.

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"Dozy Vs. Drake - Upon Further Consideration" is a limited edition remix album released on CD5 through Revival Records. Dozy collaborated with Drake Tungsten to create a 33:55 minute long electronica-based track.

For Your Consideration


2006 film

For Your Consideration is a 2006 comedy film directed by Christopher Guest. It was co-written by Guest and Eugene Levy, and both also star in the film.

Taylor Mitchell


Canadian singer-songwriter

Taylor Mitchell was a Canadian country folk singer and songwriter from Toronto. Her debut and only album, For Your Consideration received encouraging reviews and airplay.

Ulster Unionist Party leadership election, 2005


The 2005 Ulster Unionist Party leadership election began on 7 May 2005 when David Trimble resigned as leader of the Ulster Unionist Party following his party's poor performance in the 2005 general election when it lost all but one of its seats, including Trimble's own.

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Rhymes for consideration:

  1. categorization, hallucination, immunization, reexamination, illumination, fragmentation, retaliation, deregulation, cancellation, collaboration, glaciation, population, inauguration, destination, narration, dissemination, gravitation, consolidation, expatriation, verification, combination, divination, dilatation, procreation, denationalization, pigmentation, delineation, declaration, recrimination, balkanization, subluxation, sanitation, adjudication, frustration, stimulation, characterization, ligation, graduation, procrastination, argumentation, horatian, lubrication, palpitation, allocation, imagination, ejaculation, ionization, identification, centralization, disputation, disinformation, falsification, incubation, amplification, pacification, moderation, polarization, germination, compilation, fortification, syndication, generation, desolation, computation, condensation, saturation, reunification, specification, degeneration, conjugation, exaggeration, generalization, elaboration, eradication, exacerbation, elation, devastation, legalization, elimination, implantation, crustacean, fluoridation, marginalization, intimation, privatisation, visitation, situation, affectation, affrication, conciliation, depreciation, ramification, condemnation, conflagration, reclamation, deprivation, reorganization, humiliation, nucleation, depredation, deformation, russification, appreciation, initiation, commercialization, renegotiation, demodulation, annotation, subordination, configuration, excitation, nonproliferation, bifurcation, premeditation, localization, creation, exploitation, disorganization, desegregation, notation, mediation, deviation, exclamation, degradation, amortization, rationalization, defamation, recalculation, normalization, reevaluation, classification, electrification, implication, rotation, imputation, nitration, obligation, celebration, accumulation, perforation, operation, mobilization, extermination, vocation, relocation, amputation, urbanization, insulation, conglomeration, disinclination, flirtation, naturalization, advocation, equalization, discrimination, masturbation, domination, inoculation, personification, starvation, formation, profanation, escalation, respiration, reformation, dramatization, demonstration, transillumination, translation, nomination, misappropriation, clarification, destabilization, distillation, securitization, machination, suffocation, evocation, rehydration, cooperation, coronation, rededication, damnation, recitation, deceleration, nullification, renomination, location, oxidation, enumeration, discontinuation, titillation, indexation, organization, reauthorization, continuation, capitulation, approximation, disorientation, reparation, gasification, gastrulation, pressurization, irradiation, indentation, vaccination, registration, automation, elevation, equivocation, confrontation, alteration, solicitation, desecration, vegetation, reservation, domestication, corroboration, explanation, consummation, arbitration, misrepresentation, insinuation, exfoliation, deification, connotation, habitation, education, dehumanization, hydrogenation, visualization, detonation, incarceration, exhalation, hybridization, desalination, punctuation, invitation, participation, donation, reflation, misinterpretation, formulation, designation, embarkation, cohabitation, fertilization, precipitation, refutation, convocation, segregation, mummification, sensation, granulation, preservation, disinflation, indemnification, inhabitation, reaffirmation, information, consecration, negation, adaptation, permutation, inhalation, liquidation, specialization, gratification, socialization, invocation, incantation, recuperation, liberation, evaluation, denunciation, equitation, extrapolation, provocation, democratization, personalization, improvisation, impregnation, lactation, remediation, perspiration, vacation, deportation, inflation, revitalization, motivation, invalidation, contamination, sarmatian, reiteration, reconfiguration, reallocation, cremation, neutralization, remuneration, reverberation, adoration, monopolization, experimentation, confirmation, filtration, excavation, irritation, appellation, repatriation, affiliation, depravation, consternation, multiplication, perpetuation, complication, consolation, mutilation, magnetization, exasperation, modulation, predestination, illustration, dissipation, globalization, preparation, fumigation, transportation, conversation, documentation, decertification, authorization, tabulation, fixation, altercation, conservation, evacuation, qualification, jubilation, misapplication, mitigation, avocation, renovation, commemoration, magnification, revaluation, menstruation, regimentation, taxation, desperation, privatization, undervaluation, correlation, simplification, malformation, prefabrication, protestation, aggravation, navigation, dilation, relaxation, ratification, agglomeration, computerization, anticipation, flotation, nationalization, optation, cultivation, politicization, contemplation, ovulation, propagation, utilization, regeneration, miscommunication, devaluation, confiscation, revocation, indication, overvaluation, rectification, deflation, miscreation, trepidation, ventilation, compensation, prognostication, incarnation, animation, cogitation, stagflation, congregation, valuation, appalachian, dissertation, ovation, validation, optimization, vulgarization, demarcation, backwardation, justification, deliberation, inspiration, federation, appropriation, transplantation, purification, vaporization, mineralization, saponification, amelioration, pollination, reconciliation, resignation, reaffiliation, corp, assassination, quantification, summation, gentrification, incoordination, dehydration, glorification, dalmatian, communication, rumination, levitation, realization, substantiation, infestation, hydration, agitation, calculation, regulation, limitation, reinterpretation, toleration, temptation, harmonization, expiration, oscillation, constipation, christianization, infatuation, origination, fermentation, overpopulation, exploration, migration, litigation, insubordination, criminalization, privation, relation, desalinization, collectivization, hibernation, pasteurization, refrigeration, congratulation, reinvigoration, expropriation, corporation, inactivation, renunciation, amalgamation, plantation, fluctuation, incrimination, vindication, speculation, obfuscation, civilization, prostration, intoxication, demonization, detoxification, subsidization, expectation, incrustation, demoralization, hesitation, implementation, exhilaration, ostentation, hospitalization, reforestation, maturation, elongation, termination, modification, reputation, aspiration, nondiscrimination, libration, instigation, maximization, coloration, stalinization, unification, communization, dissociation, concatenation, evaporation, oration, misinformation, miseration, gestation, proliferation, orientation, duplication, proration, ornamentation, meditation, emigration, codification, hyperinflation, publication, medication, observation, vacillation, recertification, facilitation, sterilization, interrogation, probation, restoration, imitation, popularization, westernization, dislocation, alienation, recantation, dispensation, tribulation, standardization, disqualification, retardation, diversification, exhortation, fibrillation, transformation, rejuvenation, decoration, telecommunication, dedication, deforestation, emanation, authentication, concentration, unionization, differentiation, self-congratulation, replication, decapitation, intimidation, colonization, indoctrination, sedation, innovation, strangulation, incorporation, estimation, sedimentation, annihilation, reconfirmation, augmentation, affirmation, negotiation, laceration, fascination, confabulation, manipulation, aviation, edification, disembarkation, gradation, misidentification, radiation, pagination, stipulation, duration, inundation, interpretation, exoneration, gyration, foliation, incapacitation, application, segmentation, vilification, immigration, decentralization, industrialization, organisation, emulation, certification, sanctification, pontification, infiltration, pronunciation, installation, demobilization, violation, insemination, quotation, usurpation, inflammation, indignation, molestation, proclamation, assimilation, examination, occupation, redecoration, preoccupation, integration, coagulation, depopulation, repudiation, recommendation, foundation, calibration, sophistication, determination, alleviation, irrigation, sequestration, decontamination, explication, mechanization, mutation, figuration, instrumentation, investigation, revelation, manifestation, intonation, triangulation, constellation, ordination, emancipation, discoloration, ministration, importation, commendation, ossification, recreation, inclination, coordination, orchestration, association, annexation, fabrication, impersonation, liberalization, culmination, admiration, rehabilitation, reincarnation, excommunication, confederation, dictation, reconsideration, desiccation, isolation, approbation, delegation, derivation, salvation, notification, miniaturization, denomination, stabilization, modernization, perturbation, articulation, reclassification, separation, disintegration, exhumation, suburbanization, echolocation, resuscitation, allegation, representation, stagnation, croatian, intensification, simulation, adulation, consultation, victimization, legislation, variation, presentation, miscalculation, vibration;
  2. nation, station, haitian, ration;
  3. carnation, cessation, alsatian, causation, cetacean, citation, castration;
  4. aberration, acclimation, accusation, abrogation, activation, abdication;
  5. abbreviation, accommodation, acceleration, abomination, accreditation;
  6. alphabetization, cannibalization, acidification, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, antidiscrimination, americanization, demilitarization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for consideration:

Afrikaans word for Consideration


Arabic word for Consideration


Chinese word for Consideration


French words for Consideration

attention, considération, contrepartie, estime, contemplation.

German words for Consideration

Betrachtung, Interesse, Beachtung, Gegenleistung, Berücksichtigung, Erwägung, Überlegung, Vergütung, Bezahlung, Einbeziehung, Gesichtspunkt, Faktor, Umstand, Betracht, Rücksichtnahme, Abwägung, Erwägungen, Erörterung, Nachdenken, Entgelt, Schonung, Examen.

Greek word for Consideration


Hindi word for Consideration


Italian words for Consideration

considerazione, corrispettivo, compenso, considerare.

Japanese words for Consideration

考慮, 配慮, 考察, 心配り, 思考, 顧慮, こうりょ, りょうさつ, おもんぱかり, がんちゅう, こうきゅう, いたわり, さじ加減, 仁, 功り, せいさつ, 考査, じゅくし, しあん, いっこう, 心づくし, ごねん, 匙加減, 商量, 考究, 熟思, さじかげん, かえりみ, 労り, 察し, 手心, 御念, かんじょう, 省察, こりょ, 眼中, 諒察, けんとう, しょうりょう.

Malay word for Consideration


Norwegian word for Consideration


Polish words for Consideration

rozpatrzenie, rozważenie, wzgląd.

Portuguese words for Consideration

respeito, exame, deliberação.

Russian word for Consideration


Spanish words for Consideration

estudio, respeto, recompensa, reflexión, retribución, estima, contraprestación, ponderación.

Swedish word for Consideration


Turkish word for Consideration


Ukrainian word for Consideration