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 \c(o)-nsta-nt, con(s)-tant\

Constant as a boy's name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Constant is "steadfast". Medieval form of Constans. The name was seldom used in the Middle Ages, until it was taken up by Christians in the 17th century, partly due to its reference to determination in following Saint Peter's exhortations to be sober, vigilant, and steadfast in the faith.

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What are the translations for constant?

Afrikaans word for Constant


Arabic word for Constant


Bengali word for Constant


Chinese words for Constant

恒定, 不断的.

Dutch words for Constant

vast, voortdurend, aanhoudend, trouw, loyaal, onafgebroken, onophoudelijk, onveranderlijk.

French words for Constant

constant, continu.

German words for Constant

gleichbleibend, kontinuierlich, permanent, konstant, stetig, fest, anhaltend, andauernd, dauernd, treu, unentwegt, fortgesetzt, unausgesetzt, stet.

Greek word for Constant


Italian word for Constant


Japanese words for Constant

定数, コンスタント, 絶え間ない, 変わらない, 絶えざる, 常数, 不変量, こうじょうてき, じょうじゅうふだん, 常住不断, かわらぬ, ふへんりょう, 変わらぬ, たえざる, 頻り, たえまない, かわらない, 絶えず続く.

Javanese word for Constant

Pancen tetep.

Malay words for Constant

Sabit, Berterusan.

Norwegian word for Constant


Russian words for Constant

непрерывный, бесперебойный, постоянная, константный, непрестанный, непрекращающийся, константа.

Spanish word for Constant


Tamil word for Constant


Ukrainian word for Constant


Vietnamese word for Constant

liên tục.