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How To Spell convocation?

Correct spelling: convocation

Definition of convocation:

  1. a group gathered in response to a summons

List of misspellings for convocation:

  • congeation,
  • cojvocation,
  • convkcation,
  • convecation,
  • congigation,
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Related words for convocation

Live at Convocation Hall


Live album by Hayden

Live at Convocation Hall is a live album by Canadian singer-songwriter Hayden, released in 2002 on Hardwood Records and Universal Music Canada. The album was recorded at the University of Toronto's Convocation Hall.

St. Ursula Academy


College-preparatory school in Cincinnati, Ohio

St. Ursula Academy, located in the East Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, is a Catholic college-preparatory high school for young women that offers an intensive four-year program in the fields of English, mathematics, science, social studies, French, Spanish, Latin, and religion.

Ukrainian parliamentary election, 1998


Parliamentary elections were held in Ukraine on 29 March 1998. The Communist Party of Ukraine remained the largest party in the Verkhovna Rada, winning 121 of the 445 seats.

University Convocation Complex


Convention center in Srinagar

University of Kashmir's University Convocation Complex is one of the largest auditorium facilities not only in the State of Jammu & Kashmir India but in the whole of North India.

Vines Center


Arena in Lynchburg, Virginia

The Vines Convocation Center is an 9,547-seat multi-purpose arena in Lynchburg, Virginia. It was built in 1990 and is home to the Liberty University Flames and Lady Flames basketball teams.

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Rhymes for convocation:

  1. flotation, tabulation, decoration, computation, replication, substantiation, centralization, deformation, segregation, preoccupation, denomination, participation, delegation, syndication, harmonization, transportation, approximation, violation, provocation, reaffirmation, qualification, misinformation, sanctification, recertification, equivocation, computerization, elation, maturation, consecration, communication, translation, education, insemination, notification, premeditation, collaboration, innovation, disinformation, expiration, litigation, dilation, determination, calibration, machination, amelioration, domination, depreciation, designation, federation, fortification, estimation, insinuation, gratification, gasification, plantation, regeneration, extrapolation, hallucination, purification, insubordination, disintegration, reclamation, dramatization, exhalation, legalization, narration, quotation, laceration, collectivization, relocation, commercialization, communization, manipulation, accumulation, agglomeration, generalization, lactation, denunciation, invalidation, ministration, investigation, concatenation, revelation, modernization, exclamation, augmentation, population, industrialization, inhalation, expropriation, gestation, vaporization, exploration, demonstration, renomination, standardization, evaluation, emanation, disputation, corroboration, exasperation, sequestration, transplantation, contamination, masturbation, legislation, inauguration, deification, precipitation, deprivation, altercation, speculation, mobilization, celebration, evocation, infiltration, desiccation, infatuation, repudiation, ornamentation, renunciation, discoloration, configuration, validation, approbation, diversification, illumination, dehumanization, utilization, extermination, titillation, conjugation, backwardation, rationalization, illustration, sanitation, conservation, elimination, disinflation, westernization, libration, miniaturization, imitation, specification, inoculation, localization, palpitation, annihilation, stagnation, vaccination, croatian, ejaculation, fermentation, permutation, rehabilitation, consolation, naturalization, solicitation, adoration, evaporation, reflation, optation, aviation, emigration, continuation, glaciation, restoration, degradation, disinclination, organization, excavation, disembarkation, organisation, ramification, falsification, ovulation, enumeration, damnation, vacation, dissipation, facilitation, dissertation, multiplication, affectation, formation, desecration, occupation, inflammation, habitation, derivation, reconfiguration, obfuscation, renegotiation, consultation, vulgarization, representation, reinvigoration, trepidation, jubilation, fluoridation, characterization, privation, advocation, instigation, nomination, redecoration, pontification, refutation, evacuation, separation, argumentation, examination, connotation, recrimination, origination, glorification, miscommunication, creation, orchestration, simplification, vindication, balkanization, corp, condensation, situation, reunification, cogitation, immunization, inactivation, dedication, installation, globalization, inflation, incarnation, mutilation, conflagration, rectification, gradation, mineralization, vocation, invocation, exploitation, recuperation, fascination, reformation, formulation, nationalization, annexation, escalation, indentation, intimation, christianization, equalization, mummification, destination, specialization, incrustation, termination, implementation, misidentification, gastrulation, transillumination, irrigation, alienation, sterilization, humiliation, quantification, agitation, remuneration, cremation, crustacean, justification, amputation, germination, correlation, mutation, bifurcation, exoneration, elongation, cultivation, categorization, misapplication, indemnification, rehydration, reallocation, appropriation, reevaluation, reexamination, decentralization, coronation, magnification, subsidization, pacification, eradication, foliation, demarcation, incapacitation, inhabitation, incantation, concentration, isolation, confrontation, registration, incorporation, securitization, congratulation, reparation, reincarnation, motivation, stalinization, deliberation, radiation, normalization, excitation, prefabrication, misappropriation, exhilaration, reinterpretation, destabilization, congregation, ventilation, proclamation, differentiation, allocation, dispensation, ratification, depredation, rotation, deforestation, intonation, dehydration, recitation, ligation, hydration, consummation, obligation, fertilization, refrigeration, affirmation, procrastination, dissemination, predestination, visitation, vegetation, nucleation, application, fluctuation, liberalization, anticipation, intimidation, negation, elevation, polarization, ostentation, elaboration, probation, association, dilatation, desalinization, segmentation, liquidation, dislocation, improvisation, classification, perturbation, mitigation, culmination, misinterpretation, popularization, discontinuation, repatriation, renovation, personification, misrepresentation, civilization, rejuvenation, nondiscrimination, retaliation, granulation, exacerbation, indoctrination, indication, duration, conglomeration, gravitation, impersonation, intoxication, cohabitation, explication, oxidation, constipation, summation, demodulation, dissociation, subluxation, resignation, irritation, self-congratulation, disorientation, adulation, disqualification, articulation, hydrogenation, edification, alleviation, divination, limitation, implantation, initiation, revitalization, experimentation, rededication, imputation, graduation, vibration, molestation, valuation, appellation, toleration, reaffiliation, levitation, procreation, socialization, deviation, conversation, incubation, detonation, liberation, recantation, medication, victimization, annotation, ordination, suffocation, prognostication, urbanization, colonization, pressurization, intensification, miscalculation, inundation, electrification, desegregation, migration, aggravation, codification, ossification, nullification, inclination, indignation, manifestation, sarmatian, fabrication, alteration, personalization, imagination, irradiation, profanation, pollination, explanation, relaxation, optimization, incarceration, presentation, hibernation, malformation, frustration, sedation, admiration, reservation, pigmentation, dictation, conciliation, disorganization, emancipation, tribulation, deflation, hesitation, verification, nitration, vilification, salvation, reconciliation, assassination, embarkation, emulation, coordination, delineation, relation, protestation, sophistication, mediation, preparation, information, modulation, overvaluation, modification, visualization, commendation, authentication, recreation, sedimentation, stipulation, demonization, amortization, demobilization, russification, retardation, desalination, depopulation, navigation, deregulation, depravation, preservation, prostration, fumigation, lubrication, temptation, allegation, immigration, reiteration, domestication, corporation, privatisation, usurpation, invitation, telecommunication, resuscitation, amplification, moderation, magnetization, authorization, certification, filtration, contemplation, taxation, gentrification, transformation, respiration, implication, degeneration, denationalization, strangulation, regimentation, reputation, interrogation, expectation, assimilation, perspiration, reconfirmation, overpopulation, inspiration, proration, pasteurization, detoxification, saturation, aspiration, meditation, compensation, decapitation, indexation, generation, expatriation, interpretation, fibrillation, ovation, remediation, deportation, hybridization, publication, undervaluation, identification, combination, recommendation, flirtation, coloration, consternation, calculation, complication, hyperinflation, deceleration, fixation, stabilization, location, confiscation, ionization, gyration, fragmentation, saponification, proliferation, pronunciation, arbitration, consolidation, consideration, starvation, duplication, constellation, exhortation, importation, clarification, defamation, exhumation, confirmation, impregnation, figuration, regulation, reforestation, reorganization, triangulation, documentation, simulation, reclassification, operation, nonproliferation, demoralization, mechanization, neutralization, declaration, unionization, reauthorization, automation, avocation, maximization, instrumentation, recalculation, integration, discrimination, insulation, reverberation, observation, notation, desperation, oration, miseration, democratization, incrimination, distillation, commemoration, politicization, decontamination, animation, echolocation, coagulation, cooperation, propagation, variation, reconsideration, incoordination, hospitalization, capitulation, infestation, punctuation, stagflation, exaggeration, devastation, equitation, negotiation, perpetuation, confabulation, pagination, menstruation, horatian, donation, affiliation, devaluation, criminalization, desolation, appalachian, sensation, cancellation, unification, appreciation, suburbanization, adaptation, orientation, amalgamation, perforation, revaluation, miscreation, foundation, decertification, adjudication, excommunication, marginalization, revocation, stimulation, oscillation, affrication, subordination, condemnation, vacillation, privatization, rumination, compilation, exfoliation, dalmatian, monopolization, realization, confederation;
  2. haitian, nation, ration, station;
  3. causation, castration, cessation, cetacean, citation, carnation, alsatian;
  4. aberration, abdication, abrogation, acclimation, activation, accusation;
  5. accreditation, acceleration, accommodation, abomination, abbreviation;
  6. acidification, alphabetization, capitalization, cannibalization;
  7. americanization, decriminalization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for convocation:

Afrikaans word for Convocation


Bengali word for Convocation

সমাবর্তন উত্সব.

French word for Convocation


German words for Convocation

Versammlung, Einberufung, Synode, Provinzialsynode.

Hindi word for Convocation

दीक्षांत समारोह.

Italian words for Convocation

convocazione, convocare.

Malay word for Convocation


Norwegian word for Convocation


Polish word for Convocation


Portuguese word for Convocation


Russian word for Convocation


Swedish word for Convocation


Tamil word for Convocation

பட்டமளிப்பு விழா.

Turkish word for Convocation


Vietnamese word for Convocation

sự triệu tập.