How To Spell cord?

Correct spelling: cord

What is the definition of cord?

  1. stack in cords, of wood

What does the abbreviation cord mean?


cord maker; lamb
Cord as a boy's name is a variant of Cordell (English, Old French) and Cordero (Spanish), and the meaning of Cord is "cord maker; lamb".

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What are the rhymes for cord?

  1. board, ward, oared, outscored, ord, gourd, restored, soared, gored, bored, lord, sword, stored, snored, forde, reboard, ignored, fjord, hoard, verwoerd, roared, shored, poured, record, explored, implored, horde, cored, floored, scored, mord, warred, chord, ford, soard, toward, warde, pored, reward, deplored, nord;
  2. adored, afford, award, acord, abhorred, accord, aboard;
  3. prerecord, unexplored, untoward, underscored;

What are the translations for cord?

Arabic word for Cord


Bengali word for Cord


Chinese words for Cord

绳, 软线, 绳索.

Dutch words for Cord

snaar, koord, lijn, draad, snoer, kordon, touw.

French words for Cord

fil, lien, câble, corde, cordon, cordelette, cordage, cordonnet, velours côtelé.

German words for Cord

Band, Leitung, Leine, Kabel, streng, Strang, Bindfaden, Schnur, Seil, Strick, Cord, Kordel, Litze, Kord, gerippter Stoff, Raummaß für Holz, Cordsamt, Klafter, Leitungsschnur.

Hindi word for Cord


Javanese word for Cord


Korean word for Cord


Marathi word for Cord


Norwegian word for Cord


Polish words for Cord

sznurek, sznur.

Portuguese words for Cord

fio, corda.

Russian words for Cord

шнур, корд, кордная ткань.

Spanish words for Cord

cuerda, cordel, cabo, médula, soga, pana.

Swedish word for Cord


Ukrainian word for Cord


Vietnamese word for Cord