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What are the rhymes for core?

  1. score, flore, drawer, pore, porr, soar, gore, explore, timor, your, war, sedor, more, wore, loar, sore, lenore, sor, torre, por, tore, outscore, scor, ohr, four, offshore, postwar, boar, spore, corps, nor, mohr, lore, or, inshore, swore, moore, galore, m4, chore, livor, lor, vore, oar, orr, mazor, nohr, tor, prewar, flor, senor, underscore, morr, yore, outpour, glore, igor, rapport, ignore, snore, bore, cor, gorr, goar, laur, roar, ore, torr, dore, restore, cohr, implore, corr, d'or, coar, glor, dior, wor, bohr, store, floor, gabor, hardcore, fore, lahore, thor, hoar, pour, warr, door, dorr, mor, ngor, schnorr, saur, laure, boer, deplore, shore;
  2. ashore, ador, decor, bator, cat-4, adore, before, abhor, afore, amour, c4;
  3. heretofore, antiwar, anymore, livermore, guarantor;

What are the translations for core?

Arabic word for Core


Bengali word for Core


Chinese words for Core

核心, 芯, 内核, 主机, 核球, 中轴, 果核.

Dutch words for Core

essentie, centraal, binnenste.

French words for Core

principal, cœur, noyau, centre, trognon, enlever le trognon de, essentiel, central, crucial, cerné.

German words for Core

Ader, hart, Fond, Kern, Herzstück, Kerngehäuse, Base, Kernstück, Magnetkern, Eisenkern, Bohrkern, Ventileinsatz, Mark, Innenteil, Innerstes, Mittelstück, Kernstein, Eiterpfropf, fundamental, primordial.

Greek word for Core


Hindi word for Core


Italian words for Core

anima, cuore, nocciolo, essenza, torsolo.

Japanese words for Core

コア, 中心, 中核, 核, 核心, 芯, 主体, 中子, 真髄, ちゅうかく, 心髄, なかご, かくしん, 眼目, しんずい, 神髄, がんもく, しゅたい, 仲核.

Javanese word for Core


Malay word for Core


Norwegian word for Core


Polish words for Core

podstawowy, kluczowy, gniazdo nasienne.

Portuguese words for Core

miolo, essencial, nucleares, vitais, núcleo, âmago.

Romanian word for Core


Russian words for Core

основной, ключевой, центральный, ядро, основа, сердцевина, глубинный.

Spanish words for Core

núcleo, centro, corazón, tronco, fondo, verdadero, esencial, esencia, quid, alma, meollo, entrañas, tuétano, nuclear.

Swedish word for Core


Turkish word for Core


Ukrainian word for Core