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How To Spell cosmos?

Correct spelling: cosmos

Definition of cosmos:

  1. the whole collection of existing things

List of misspellings for cosmos:

  • cousous,
  • cosmow,
  • csmps,
  • codoms,
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What does the abbreviation cosmos mean?

Related words for cosmos

Cosmos Echo


Aircraft model

The Cosmos Echo is a French single-seat, flying wing, ultralight trike that is produced by Cosmos ULM. The aircraft is only supplied as a completed aircraft and is not available as a kit.

Cosmos Samba


Aircraft model

The Cosmos Samba, named after the dance of the same name, is a French flying wing ultralight trike that is produced by Cosmos ULM of Fontaine-lès-Dijon, France. The aircraft is supplied as a complete aircraft and is not available as a kit.

Cosmos Township


Township in Minnesota

Cosmos Township is a township in Meeker County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 229 at the 2000 census. Cosmos Township was organized in 1870, and named for the cosmos, or the order of the universe.



Japanese animated series

Dokkoida?!, known in Japan as Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sō Suttoko Taisen Dokkoidaa is a comedic Japanese light novel series about a boy, Suzuo Sakurazaki, who is hired by a preteen space alien girl, Tanpopo, to try out an experimental new suit developed by the intergalactic toy company that she works for.

Museum of Science and the Cosmos


Museum in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Spain

The Museum of Science and the Cosmos, is an astronomy, technology, and science museum located in the city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna on Tenerife island, in the Spanish Canary Islands of Macaronesia.

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kosmos, heelal.

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