How To Spell cot?

Correct spelling: cot

What is the definition of cot?

  1. (Anglo-Ind.) light bedstead; (Naut.) swinging bed for officers, sick persons, &c.; small (usu. swinging) bed for child; bed in children\'s hospital.

What does the abbreviation cot mean?

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What are the usage examples for cot?

  1. After a moment of thought which scorched his brain, he rose and followed the man's steps, and was in time to see him rolling himself in his blanket on the cot nearest the door. – Taken Alive by E. P. Roe
  2. To the sheep cot I say, he gaed wailin' an' cryin' alood efter bonny bairn, the last o' his flock, oontimeous his taen. – Warlock o' Glenwarlock by George MacDonald
  3. " I haven't been here more than twenty- four hours, yet it seems as if more unpleasant things have happened than could anywhere else in a lifetime," she complained to Dawkins, who had come to arrange another cot for her to use and to bring the needed articles from her own little cubicle. – Dorothy at Oak Knowe by Evelyn Raymond
  4. Stumbling in his blindness, he fell across the hard cot that was the sole article of furniture in the cell he had occupied for more than two weeks. – Vulcan's Workshop by Harl Vincent
  5. He pressed a button to the right, and the back of the chair went down and the part that hung down in front came up, making what looked like a narrow cot – Jerry's Charge Account by Hazel Hutchins Wilson

What are the rhymes for cot?

  1. spot, trot, hot, khat, swat, lotte, shot, lat, blot, kot, not, knot, scott, scot, pott, plot, slot, lott, hott, yacht, rot, rott, cott, jot, otte, dott, mott, baht, ott, knott, nott, caught, motte, tot, pot, bought, dot, clot, got, shott, watt, squat, lot;
  2. sadat, alot, allot, cannot, ascott, abott, forgot;

What are the translations for cot?

Arabic word for Cot


Chinese word for Cot


Dutch words for Cot

bed, kinderbed, babybedje, kooi, kinderledikant, ziekenhuisbed.

French words for Cot

berceau, lit d'enfant, lit bébé, lit d’enfant.

German words for Cot

Kinderbett, Gitterbett, Babybett, Kinderbettchen, Feldbett, Kindergitterbett.

Hindi word for Cot


Italian word for Cot


Japanese word for Cot


Javanese word for Cot


Korean word for Cot

어린이 침대.

Malay word for Cot

Katil bayi.

Marathi word for Cot


Norwegian word for Cot


Polish words for Cot

łóżeczko, kojec.

Romanian word for Cot


Russian word for Cot

детская кроватка.

Spanish word for Cot


Swedish word for Cot


Tamil word for Cot


Turkish word for Cot

bebek karyolası.

Ukrainian word for Cot

дитяче ліжко.

Vietnamese word for Cot

giường cũi của trẻ con.