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How To Spell count?

Correct spelling: count

Definition of count:

  1. have faith or confidence in; "you can count on me to help you any time"; "Look to your friends for support"; "You can bet on that!"; "Depend on your family in times of crisis"

List of misspellings for count:

  • cmouet,
  • connet,
  • courrent,
  • cointry,
  • accuont,
  • contiou,
  • eound,
  • coennt,
  • coyot,
  • coutniue,
  • contiue,
  • concut,
  • comunity,
  • cround,
  • jouned,
  • gount,
  • countued,
  • coulent,
  • bount,
  • comuunity,
  • comunety,
  • counci,
  • conat,
  • cont,
  • coount,
  • goint,
  • accaount,
  • muont,
  • cnnot,
  • countin,
  • journet,
  • counfd,
  • coungty,
  • codno,
  • countriy,
  • ccondo,
  • jusnt,
  • dicount,
  • countiry,
  • scount,
  • accouant,
  • cottn,
  • dicont,
  • coutny,
  • courtd,
  • countly,
  • conutry,
  • clought,
  • counce,
  • acount,
  • comuinty,
  • tougnt,
  • corrunt,
  • coissant,
  • cornter,
  • ccounty,
  • coountry,
  • courntey,
  • countney,
  • conatc,
  • couconut,
  • courty,
  • conact,
  • cocanut,
  • cuonty,
  • cousty,
  • coounty,
  • counte,
  • copurt,
  • countyer,
  • conuld,
  • couinty,
  • gointg,
  • coment,
  • counrty,
  • countre,
  • countire,
  • countru,
  • coiunter,
  • countyry,
  • curnet,
  • contack,
  • clound,
  • ount,
  • countty,
  • comuintiy,
  • cudnt,
  • cout,
  • accunt,
  • conty,
  • cucuit,
  • codnt,
  • comut,
  • caought,
  • comunitie,
  • conter,
  • caounty,
  • countie,
  • gunite,
  • con't.

What does the abbreviation count mean?

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Baldomero Espartero, Prince of Vergara


Spanish Politician

Don Joaquín Baldomero Fernández-Espartero y Alvarez de Toro, 1st Prince of Vergara, 1st Duke of la Victoria, 1st Duke of Morella, 1st Count of Luchana, 1st Viscount of Banderas was a Spanish general and politician, who served as the Regent of Spain.

Count Arthur Strong



Count Arthur Strong is a BBC sitcom written by Steve Delaney and Graham Linehan. Delaney portrays the title character in the series, a stage creation of Delaney's who has also featured in the BBC Radio 4 programme Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show!

Count Francesco Matarazzo


Brazilian-Italian businessman

Don Francesco Antonio Maria Matarazzo, Count Matarazzo, was an Italian-Brazilian businessman and noble who created a large business in South America, particularly in Brazil.

Heinrich XXIV, Count Reuss of Ebersdorf


Heinrich XXIV, Count Reuss of Ebersdorf, was ruler of the German county Reuss-Ebersdorf from 1747 till his death. He was the eldest son of the thirteen children of Heinrich XXIX, Count of Reuss-Ebersdorf and Sophie Theodora of Castell-Remlingen.

Wilfred the Hairy


Counts of Urgell

Wilfred or Wifred, called the Hairy, was Count of Urgell, Cerdanya, Barcelona, Girona, Besalú and Ausona. On his death in 897, his son, Wilfred Borrell, inherited these Catalan counties.

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Rhymes for count:

  1. mount, mt, blount;
  2. amount, account, recount, miscount, discount, surmount;

Translations for count:

Afrikaans words for Count

tel, telling.

Arabic word for Count


Catalan words for Count

nombre, numerar.

Chinese words for Count

数数, 计算(), 统计, 数点, 点算, 点票, 有价值, 数清.

Dutch words for Count

rekenen, tellen, optellen, graaf, meetellen, meerekenen, gelden, punt van aanklacht.

French words for Count

taux, compter, compte, telle, comte, recensement, recenser, décompter, dénombrer, dénombrement, chef d'accusation.

German words for Count

gelten, erfassen, Anzahl, total, Graf, Auszählung, mitrechnen, Fürst, Zählerstand.

Greek word for Count


Hindi word for Count


Italian word for Count


Japanese words for Count

カウント, 計算, 数える, 回数, 伯爵, 伯, 総数, かぞえる, 算える, けいさん, かいすう, かずにいれる, そうすう, 数に入れる, はくしゃく.

Javanese word for Count


Korean word for Count


Malay word for Count


Polish word for Count


Portuguese words for Count

contagem, interessar, contabilizar, quantificar, levar em conta, ter importância, ter valor, fazer a contagem de, fazer o cômputo de.

Romanian word for Count

a număra.

Russian words for Count

засчитывать, граф, расчёт, пересчитывать, подсчитывать, отсчёт, пункт обвинения.

Spanish words for Count

considerar, medir, contar, calcular, incluir, importar, estimar, enumerar, valer, recuento, conde, cómputo, escrutinio, suma, cuento, delito, conteo, número de frutos, computar.

Swedish word for Count


Tamil word for Count


Turkish word for Count


Ukrainian word for Count