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How To Spell counts?

Correct spelling: counts

List of misspellings for counts:

  • pocohontas,
  • countrese,
  • countreis,
  • countre,
  • copounds,
  • occuants,
  • contacy,
  • counce,
  • condso,
  • coount,
  • coiunter,
  • countly,
  • counsous,
  • conintues,
  • countey,
  • countres,
  • countis,
  • countru,
  • pojnts,
  • acounts,
  • conty,
  • ecounters,
  • countiue,
  • xcounts,
  • oints,
  • countour,
  • caounty,
  • hounts,
  • accoiunts,
  • accounnts,
  • contset,
  • cound't,
  • secounts,
  • cumunatys,
  • countious,
  • countyer,
  • counies,
  • ccounty,
  • dounts,
  • dougnuts,
  • conects,
  • conts,
  • conters,
  • countrys,
  • countty,
  • counte,
  • couins,
  • dounuts,
  • counse,
  • aaconts,
  • couniute,
  • gounds,
  • countin,
  • conerts,
  • comuneties,
  • countr,
  • jints,
  • countance,
  • conotes,
  • contesr,
  • kinutes,
  • accountas,
  • conutrys,
  • aconts,
  • gournds,
  • countney,
  • countyr,
  • comnets,
  • gount,
  • accoounts,
  • kontsu,
  • countes,
  • couinty,
  • cbinets,
  • countune,
  • cuonty,
  • counites,
  • commnts,
  • countanace,
  • countiues,
  • comunatis,
  • dicounts,
  • comunitys,
  • cout's,
  • conatc,
  • coutous,
  • conunters,
  • cients,
  • counci,
  • countie,
  • coutisy,
  • conctas,
  • cainets,
  • tounds,
  • countest,
  • coounty,
  • coun'dt,
  • copunts,
  • couunty,
  • covenats.

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The County of Katzenelnbogen was an immediate state of the Holy Roman Empire. It existed between 1095 and 1479, when it was inherited by the Landgraves of Hesse. The estate comprised two separate territories.

County of Montbéliard


The County of Montbéliard, was a feudal county of the Holy Roman Empire seated in the city of Montbéliard in the present-day Franche-Comté region of France. From 1444 onwards it was held by the House of Württemberg.

County of Pallars


The County of Pallars or Pallás was a de facto independent petty state, nominally within the Carolingian Empire and then West Francia during the ninth and tenth centuries, perhaps one of the Catalan counties, originally part of the Marca Hispanica in the ninth century.

Palace of the Counts of Cocentaina


Art gallery in Cocentaina, Spain

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The Wormsgau was a medieval county in the East Frankish stem duchy of Franconia, comprising the surroundings of the city of Worms and further territories on the left bank of the Upper Rhine river.

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Quotes for counts:

  1. No coach has ever won a game by what he knows; it's what his players know that counts.
  2. I think good radio often uses the techniques of fiction: characters, scenes, a big urgent emotional question. And as in the best fiction, tone counts for a lot.
  3. It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it's what you put into the practice.
  4. What's beautiful is all that counts, pal. That's ALL that counts.
  5. The well -satisfied customer will bring the repeat sale that counts.

Rhymes for counts:

  1. mounts;
  2. accounts, discounts, recounts, amounts;

Translations for counts:

Dutch words for Counts

graven, tellingen.

French words for Counts

taux, comptes, comtes, comptages, chefs d'accusation, décomptes, dénombrements, numérations.

German words for Counts

anzahlen, Grafen, Zählungen, Zählerstände, Fürsten.

Spanish words for Counts

cargos, condes, sumas, recuentos, cuentos, cómputos, acusaciones, escrutinios.