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How To Spell Coup D'oeil?

Correct spelling: Coup D'oeil

List of misspellings for Coup D'oeil:

  • coup d'peil,
  • xoup d'oeil,
  • coup s'oeil,
  • xcoup d'oeil,
  • cpup d'oeil,
  • coup d'leil,
  • coujp d'oeil,
  • coup e'oeil,
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  • ckoup d'oeil.

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Translations for Coup D'oeil:

Afrikaans word for Coup d'oeil

staatsgreep oeil.

Arabic word for Coup d'oeil

انقلاب OEIL.

Bengali word for Coup d'oeil


Chinese word for Coup d'oeil


French word for Coup d'oeil

coup d´ oeil.

German word for Coup d'oeil

Coup d´oeil.

Greek word for Coup d'oeil

πραξικόπημα d´ oeil.

Hindi word for Coup d'oeil

तख्तापलट d´ Oeil.

Italian word for Coup d'oeil

coup d´oeil.

Japanese word for Coup d'oeil


Javanese word for Coup d'oeil


Korean word for Coup d'oeil

쿠데타 oeil.

Marathi word for Coup d'oeil

कूच डिऑइल.

Norwegian word for Coup d'oeil

coup d´ oeil.

Polish word for Coup d'oeil

zamach oeil.

Portuguese word for Coup d'oeil

coup d´ oeil.

Romanian word for Coup d'oeil

lovitura de oeil.

Russian word for Coup d'oeil

переворот законотворчества.

Spanish word for Coup d'oeil

golpe de oeil.

Swedish word for Coup d'oeil

coup d´ oeil.

Tamil word for Coup d'oeil


Turkish word for Coup d'oeil

Darbe d´oeil.

Ukrainian word for Coup d'oeil

переворот законотворчості.

Vietnamese word for Coup d'oeil

cuộc đảo oeil.