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How To Spell coups?

Correct spelling: coups

List of misspellings for coups:

  • couplese,
  • goups,
  • johhpurs,
  • copys,
  • compys,
  • coopies,
  • corpsfor,
  • couople's,
  • cmpus,
  • couopel,
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Chief Plenty Coups House

Les Mauvais Coups


1961 film

Les Mauvais Coups is a 1961 French psychological drama under the direction of François Leterrier. It tells the story of the tragic demise of a 10-year marriage. An austere screenplay based on a Roger Vailland novel.

Plenty Coups



In Crow called Alaxchiiaahush / Alaxchíia Ahú, he is better known by his English name as Plenty Coups was the Ashbacheeítche of the Mountain Crow Band of the Crow Nation, a visionary leader, and a great diplomat.

The Real Cool Killers


Novel by Chester Himes

The Real Cool Killers is a Hardboiled Crime Fiction novel written by Chester Himes. Published in 1959, it is the second book in the Grave Digger Jones & Coffin Ed Johnson Mysteries.

Wicked Science


Australian television series

Wicked Science is an Australian television series, which debuted on 2 July 2004. The series focuses on Toby and Elizabeth, two teenagers who are mysteriously turned into wizards of science.

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