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How To Spell covering?

Correct spelling: covering

What are the misspellings for covering ?

  • coverup,
  • goverend,
  • foering,
  • goverening,
  • carering,
  • ofeering,
  • nevering,
  • gavering,
  • goveren,
  • covrering,
  • hovoring,
  • shovering,
  • cvering,
  • quiverring,
  • goering,
  • coverind,
  • covariate,
  • lovering,
  • covermen,
  • coveinrg,
  • cofnrim,
  • govering,
  • cameraing,
  • soverighn,
  • soverine,
  • gorvening,
  • converion,
  • schophrenia,
  • giverning,
  • cyphering,
  • phycophrania,
  • coverig,
  • coverung,
  • recovring,
  • coveing,
  • thegoverning,
  • chivering,
  • covertion,
  • coverng,
  • coversing,
  • guivering,
  • coevering,
  • coparing,
  • coverend,
  • dicovering,
  • covereing,
  • recoverying,
  • covarient,
  • cordering,
  • cavering,
  • coveridge,
  • coveying,
  • reccovering,
  • cocering,
  • evering,
  • sioverign,
  • mauvering,
  • recovereing,
  • coverging,
  • soverign,
  • quivvering,
  • colering,
  • comaring,
  • coverege,
  • dicphering,
  • huvering,
  • covetting,
  • coverign,
  • coverige,
  • coverag,
  • oofering,
  • gorverning,
  • havering,
  • coverring,
  • souvereign,
  • coering,
  • lakefron,
  • foerign,
  • govening,
  • coversion,
  • recorvering,
  • coveroad,
  • waviering,
  • sovereing,
  • beavering,
  • coveren,
  • covernig,
  • coverting,
  • coveredge,
  • sovreign,
  • ofering,
  • woverine,
  • ctering,
  • coverying,
  • sovering,
  • soverein,
  • confering,
  • soverin,
  • convering,
  • qwivering.

What is the definition of covering?

  1. the act of protecting something by covering it

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What are the quotes for covering?

  1. As horrific as this impact has been on my constituents, it is only a small part of the overwhelming destruction covering 90, 000 square miles of the Gulf Coast.
  2. When we went to cover it I thought we would change it to a song of loving and longing instead of the sex machine song Kylie turned it into. I've met Kylie and told her we were covering her song and she was pleased.
  3. When I worked in Los Angeles covering hard news, very often when something important would happen I'd be off in the woods covering something unimportant, which was more interesting to me.
  4. I think the media makes it tough to play in New York. There are so many papers and TV channels covering the Knicks and the expectations for the Knicks are so high.
  5. I'm covering the worst president in American history.

What are the rhymes for covering?

  1. hovering;
  2. recovering;
  3. uncovering, discovering;
  4. rediscovering;

What are the translations for covering?

Arabic word for Covering


Bengali word for Covering


Chinese word for Covering


Dutch word for Covering


French words for Covering

couche, couvrant.

German words for Covering

Bezug, Schicht, Abdeckung, Decke, Deckung, abdecken, bedecken, Haube, Bedeckung, Bespannung, Belag, abschirmen, Verkleidung, Abschirmung.

Greek word for Covering


Italian word for Covering


Japanese words for Covering

カバーリング, 被覆, 敷き, 敷, うわおおい, あてもの, 当て物, 蒙, 覆う物.

Javanese word for Covering


Korean word for Covering


Malay word for Covering


Norwegian word for Covering


Polish word for Covering


Portuguese word for Covering


Romanian word for Covering


Russian word for Covering

покрывающий слой.

Spanish words for Covering

cubierta, funda, cobertura, capa, envoltorio, revestimiento, recubrimiento, envoltura, abrigo, cubrimiento.

Swedish word for Covering


Tamil word for Covering


Turkish word for Covering