How To Spell craze?

Correct spelling: craze

What is the definition of craze?

  1. cause to go crazy; cause to lose one's mind

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What are the rhymes for craze?

  1. stays, raise, haze, blase, graze, sais, faze, dismays, portrays, maize, phrase, blayze, delays, pais, berets, days, repays, baize, rephrase, kase, today's, lase, gays, betrays, frase, sways, mais, surveys, grays, bays, shays, claes, glaze, res, prays, hays, plays, nays, dossiers, sprays, displays, braze, gase, weighs, blaize, polonaise, dais, praise, hayes, trays, lays, mase, clays, decays, bayes, filets, brays, obeys, mayes, essays, mays, todays, strays, replays, iras, leis, frays, blaze, lyonnaise, malays, crase, braise, conveys, jays, slays, rays, reappraise, valets, malaise, nase, oles, dase, cliches, daze, defrays, kays, maze, rase, ways, bouquets, raze, blaise, maes, pays, phase, preys, hase, lais, caches, chaise, wais, gaze, cafes;
  2. arrays, belays, allays, amaze, ballets, appraise, ablaze;
  3. chevrolets, lyonnais, cabernets, dismutase;
  4. urokinase;

What are the translations for craze?

Arabic word for Craze


Chinese word for Craze


French words for Craze

rappel, engouement, fureur, lubie.

German words for Craze

Welle, Folie, Mode, Begeisterung, Rage, Wahn, Fimmel, feiner Riss, Haarriss, Mikroriss, Glasurriss, verrückt machen.

Greek word for Craze


Hindi word for Craze


Italian word for Craze


Javanese word for Craze


Korean word for Craze


Malay word for Craze


Marathi word for Craze


Polish word for Craze


Portuguese word for Craze


Romanian word for Craze


Spanish words for Craze

locura, maní, manía.

Turkish words for Craze

Moda, çılgınlık.

Vietnamese word for Craze

cơn sốt.