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How To Spell cream?

Correct spelling: cream

List of misspellings for cream:

  • caremal,
  • creat,
  • foream,
  • carearr,
  • corum,
  • acroyym,
  • gream,
  • cerami,
  • crean,
  • crezi,
  • karem,
  • acuariam,
  • creas,
  • screeam,
  • jerom,
  • crdam,
  • chreem,
  • curtom,
  • crumy,
  • carrom,
  • creqamy,
  • creamate,
  • whipcream,
  • icream,
  • creame,
  • freom,
  • carama,
  • creamish,
  • creear,
  • creae,
  • carizma,
  • gahram,
  • quorem,
  • crism,
  • crammy,
  • regim,
  • creemy,
  • crame,
  • carear,
  • aream,
  • creaat,
  • creal,
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  • peckham,
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  • chroma,
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  • waqrm.

What does the abbreviation cream mean?

Related words for cream



Ice cream parlor

Coppelia is an ice cream parlor chain in Cuba. Coppelia is state-run and sells in both Cuban pesos and Cuban convertible pesos.



Chinese singer

Jin Sha, better known as Kym, is a Chinese singer and actress. She was born in Shanghai and can speak Mandarin, Shanghainese and English.

Matthew Cream


Association football referee

Matthew Cream is an Australian football referee. He is the Referee Development Officer in South Australia. Cream has been a FIFA international assistant referee since 2000.

Murphys Ice Cream



Murphys Ice Cream is a food company based in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland. It uses the milk of Kerry cattle and serves coffees as well as ice creams and desserts.

Vic's Ice Cream



Vic's Ice Cream is a restaurant located in the Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento, California. Best known for its ice cream, Vic's also serves sandwiches and other menu items.

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Quotes for cream:

  1. Scoops of mint ice cream with chips of chocolate cows.
  2. When I'm not longer rapping, I want to open up an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg.
  3. I always have coffee without sugar, you know. Just cream.
  4. My love for ice cream emerged at an early age- and has never left!
  5. I did extensive, extensive recordings and made a classical CD -ROM set, which is still on the market. For ten years, it was by itself as the cream of the crop of samples.

Rhymes for cream:

  1. scream, teem, reim, stream, vadim, scheme, seam, passim, raheem, redeem, supreme, siem, liem, deam, theme, ream, maxime, beem, creme, diem, deem, dream, bream, rahim, gleam, beam, karim, seem, team, regime, upstream, steam, kareem;
  2. hakim, basim, esteem, extreme, joachim, agleam, joaquim;
  3. sephardim, ibrahim;

Translations for cream:

Arabic word for Cream


Bengali word for Cream


Chinese word for Cream


Dutch words for Cream

crème, room, zalf.

French word for Cream


German words for Cream

Balsam, Rähm, Creme, Sahne, eincremen, schaumig schlagen, cremefarben, absahnen, Hautcreme, Obers, Krem, die Auslese, Milchschwamm, Schmant, cremig rühren, cremig schlagen, glatt rühren, sahnig werden.

Greek word for Cream


Hindi word for Cream


Italian word for Cream

color crema.

Japanese word for Cream


Korean word for Cream


Malay word for Cream


Marathi word for Cream


Norwegian word for Cream


Polish words for Cream

śmietana, śmietanka, kremowy.

Romanian word for Cream


Russian words for Cream

крем, сливки, кремовый.

Spanish words for Cream

crema, nata, color crema.

Swedish word for Cream


Tamil word for Cream


Ukrainian word for Cream


Vietnamese word for Cream

màu kem.