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How To Spell creation?

Correct spelling: creation

Definition of creation:

  1. the event that occurred at the beginning of something; "from its creation the plan was doomed to failure"

List of misspellings for creation:

  • corotion,
  • creatin,
  • corpertion,
  • cation,
  • crations,
  • creration,
  • creton,
  • creatioon,
  • corraction,
  • coehesion,
  • cocasion,
  • creaction,
  • coericion,
  • corallation,
  • gemeration,
  • druation,
  • creatign,
  • ceation,
  • cocetion,
  • rereation,
  • corpration,
  • agreshion,
  • recation,
  • cuestion,
  • geeration,
  • gneration,
  • creationing,
  • siruation,
  • corrlation,
  • direation,
  • coruption,
  • coopreation,
  • dicretion,
  • corrleation,
  • corriosion,
  • curpution,
  • acretion,
  • qeastion,
  • carletion,
  • coorilation,
  • coertion,
  • copration,
  • geration,
  • conrattion,
  • creatio,
  • coopeation,
  • creatinie,
  • cuation,
  • eggeration,
  • corrrosion,
  • cretion,
  • creatoin,
  • crichton,
  • criation,
  • veration,
  • corpoartion,
  • qietsion,
  • corpation,
  • corossion,
  • critiara,
  • cretaion,
  • corubtion,
  • corpoation,
  • tration,
  • corination,
  • kwestion,
  • greecian,
  • ceratian,
  • grauation,
  • reation,
  • creaton,
  • corosion,
  • oeration,
  • colation,
  • corellation,
  • corrcetion,
  • coorection,
  • coorelation,
  • cristion,
  • quetion,
  • cretain,
  • crashin,
  • cacasion,
  • creatine,
  • ceration,
  • creational,
  • coproation,
  • recsion,
  • vresion,
  • quedtion,
  • curroption,
  • cocation,
  • irration,
  • corliation,
  • corrision,
  • graguation,
  • qurestionner,
  • recration,
  • creationof,
  • creatgion.

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Air Creation Pixel


Aircraft model

The Air Creation Pixel is a French ultralight trike, designed and produced by Air Creation of Aubenas. The aircraft is supplied complete and ready-to-fly or as a kit for amateur construction.

Legend of Mana


Video game

Legend of Mana, originally released in Japan as Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana, is a 1999 action role-playing game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation. It is the fourth game in the Mana series, following 1995's Seiken Densetsu 3.

Modern Creation


Album by The Whigs

Modern Creation is the fifth album by American garage rock band The Whigs, released on April 22, 2014 by New West. It was recorded within two weeks in Valencia, California.

Tales of Creation


Album by Candlemass

Tales of Creation is the fourth album by Swedish doom metal band Candlemass released in 1989 and reissued in 2001 with a bonus CD. Some of the material from this album were originally recorded in 1985 by one of the earliest incarnations of Candlemass. "Under the Oak" is actually a remake of a song from their 1986 debut Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. The cover art is a modified Gustave Doré's work "The Creation of Light". Tales of Creation was also the last to feature vocalist Messiah Marcolin for 15 years until he came back.

Woodland Trust


Governing body of protected sites

The Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity in the United Kingdom concerned with the creation, protection, and restoration of native woodland heritage. It has over 500,000 supporters and has planted over 30 million trees since 1972.

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This graph shows how "creation" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for creation:

  1. Her hat is a creation that will never go out of style; it will just look ridiculous year after year.
  2. Without wonder and insight, acting is just a trade. With it, it becomes creation.
  3. We cannot and will not ban the creation of violent video games. But, we can prevent the distribution of these disturbing games to children, where their effects can be negative.
  4. Language ought to be the joint creation of poets and manual workers.
  5. Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.

Rhymes for creation:

  1. overvaluation, excommunication, exclamation, naturalization, democratization, location, allegation, explanation, termination, negation, civilization, diversification, continuation, commemoration, incorporation, propagation, domestication, articulation, suburbanization, appellation, demodulation, suffocation, agitation, fertilization, experimentation, fermentation, declaration, exaggeration, justification, preservation, codification, personalization, inauguration, multiplication, miseration, undervaluation, reinvigoration, misinterpretation, cooperation, education, miscreation, collaboration, emigration, meditation, cremation, misinformation, conciliation, inspiration, relocation, observation, substantiation, ossification, automation, reaffirmation, mineralization, edification, fixation, denunciation, modulation, mutation, normalization, neutralization, figuration, decapitation, disinflation, retardation, expiration, mechanization, constipation, irradiation, interpretation, mutilation, deflation, approximation, recitation, authorization, estimation, repudiation, modification, conflagration, isolation, avocation, exacerbation, vilification, participation, coronation, preparation, characterization, revelation, consolation, optation, renunciation, titillation, exasperation, incarnation, deforestation, affrication, manifestation, computerization, laceration, denomination, renomination, self-congratulation, impersonation, excitation, infestation, salvation, expropriation, fortification, magnification, flotation, deliberation, unification, repatriation, dissipation, evaluation, donation, validation, recantation, violation, hydrogenation, dramatization, admiration, gestation, orchestration, backwardation, ovation, concentration, securitization, subsidization, compilation, manipulation, expatriation, demonstration, profanation, proliferation, strangulation, expectation, sophistication, nonproliferation, monopolization, replication, inflammation, reparation, culmination, foliation, balkanization, narration, localization, liberation, appreciation, vacillation, reiteration, croatian, reclassification, inclination, perpetuation, vulgarization, clarification, implantation, disorientation, corp, elaboration, damnation, assimilation, evocation, aviation, consternation, emanation, marginalization, nomination, echolocation, desalinization, triangulation, conglomeration, defamation, legalization, perforation, colonization, foundation, glorification, deification, malformation, premeditation, indication, inhabitation, cancellation, fascination, disqualification, gratification, generation, utilization, inoculation, documentation, simulation, deformation, depravation, decoration, filtration, affectation, amortization, falsification, sanctification, embarkation, integration, improvisation, oxidation, certification, recreation, palpitation, discrimination, quantification, consultation, condemnation, annexation, hydration, insinuation, immigration, adjudication, calibration, reconfirmation, decontamination, pigmentation, pronunciation, gyration, nucleation, permutation, devastation, inundation, germination, installation, contemplation, navigation, reflation, desiccation, menstruation, desegregation, pagination, tabulation, stabilization, usurpation, negotiation, evaporation, visualization, ornamentation, reclamation, equitation, reaffiliation, classification, imagination, indexation, taxation, rotation, industrialization, designation, ostentation, infiltration, ionization, notification, ordination, combination, conservation, connotation, fragmentation, stipulation, perturbation, ovulation, domination, cogitation, segmentation, recalculation, decentralization, privatization, gastrulation, tribulation, pollination, saponification, retaliation, sensation, dehumanization, intonation, collectivization, authentication, anticipation, hyperinflation, predestination, emancipation, ministration, investigation, invocation, compensation, habitation, syndication, lactation, rehabilitation, refutation, mummification, appropriation, transformation, stagflation, demoralization, incoordination, distillation, discoloration, ventilation, horatian, intoxication, dictation, confabulation, ligation, rumination, publication, implication, delegation, agglomeration, oration, frustration, incrimination, desecration, reputation, inactivation, respiration, nullification, flirtation, qualification, misrepresentation, glaciation, dilation, commercialization, overpopulation, irritation, elongation, insubordination, demobilization, facilitation, popularization, visitation, relaxation, centralization, demonization, confiscation, nationalization, celebration, insulation, extrapolation, realization, reformation, immunization, pacification, federation, starvation, recommendation, russification, situation, disinformation, hibernation, medication, congregation, dalmatian, disputation, motivation, temptation, proclamation, hallucination, gravitation, restoration, reconfiguration, derivation, complication, degradation, transillumination, desolation, invitation, organization, pressurization, personification, ramification, recuperation, sequestration, elation, maximization, consolidation, fumigation, regulation, rejuvenation, incubation, amputation, detoxification, operation, prostration, vegetation, population, preoccupation, refrigeration, sterilization, depreciation, formation, importation, dissociation, duplication, calculation, saturation, emulation, examination, arbitration, transplantation, unionization, confrontation, fluctuation, misappropriation, origination, prognostication, amelioration, reincarnation, intimation, presentation, revaluation, reauthorization, standardization, segregation, proration, illustration, specification, optimization, misidentification, speculation, depredation, elimination, ratification, indoctrination, reconciliation, levitation, vocation, politicization, conversation, infatuation, mobilization, argumentation, summation, assassination, oscillation, advocation, gentrification, plantation, regimentation, desalination, telecommunication, impregnation, innovation, sarmatian, punctuation, reverberation, recertification, amplification, sanitation, allocation, affirmation, pasteurization, altercation, bifurcation, liquidation, insemination, instrumentation, augmentation, equivocation, condensation, eradication, privation, subordination, differentiation, orientation, radiation, confirmation, concatenation, humiliation, litigation, vindication, rededication, resuscitation, valuation, lubrication, annotation, coagulation, dislocation, coordination, moderation, vaporization, demarcation, ejaculation, libration, representation, cultivation, extermination, westernization, relation, separation, consideration, affiliation, deprivation, molestation, application, excavation, maturation, inflation, migration, renegotiation, reorganization, incrustation, translation, equalization, masturbation, dehydration, deviation, granulation, renovation, intimidation, electrification, destabilization, remediation, sedimentation, redecoration, miniaturization, duration, indignation, consecration, specialization, devaluation, confederation, reunification, corporation, limitation, dissertation, adulation, association, adoration, approbation, urbanization, dispensation, remuneration, accumulation, hybridization, reallocation, amalgamation, pontification, vaccination, reevaluation, vacation, conjugation, fluoridation, alteration, jubilation, stalinization, aspiration, explication, protestation, subluxation, exhalation, coloration, interrogation, disinclination, sedation, toleration, socialization, communication, aggravation, occupation, exploitation, degeneration, exhumation, stimulation, destination, probation, reconsideration, computation, nondiscrimination, recrimination, polarization, detonation, incarceration, annihilation, identification, harmonization, elevation, nitration, magnetization, precipitation, convocation, crustacean, resignation, transportation, cohabitation, imputation, trepidation, prefabrication, purification, indemnification, obligation, exfoliation, denationalization, dilatation, depopulation, deportation, correlation, miscalculation, mediation, quotation, indentation, information, victimization, obfuscation, rectification, simplification, vibration, evacuation, gradation, mitigation, invalidation, variation, registration, deceleration, intensification, stagnation, machination, graduation, categorization, commendation, hospitalization, christianization, verification, legislation, decertification, regeneration, modernization, determination, perspiration, discontinuation, delineation, formulation, divination, generalization, animation, escalation, exploration, contamination, enumeration, irrigation, gasification, consummation, incapacitation, incantation, privatisation, disorganization, criminalization, reinterpretation, hesitation, constellation, capitulation, miscommunication, liberalization, imitation, organisation, exoneration, implementation, disintegration, inhalation, communization, corroboration, instigation, provocation, desperation, reservation, globalization, reforestation, notation, alienation, dedication, congratulation, illumination, misapplication, appalachian, solicitation, procrastination, disembarkation, revitalization, deregulation, rehydration, rationalization, adaptation, fabrication, revocation, dissemination, alleviation, procreation, exhortation, reexamination, initiation, exhilaration, fibrillation, configuration;
  2. ration, haitian, nation, station;
  3. castration, causation, alsatian, cessation, citation, cetacean, carnation;
  4. activation, accusation, aberration, abdication, acclimation, abrogation;
  5. abbreviation, accreditation, abomination, acceleration, accommodation;
  6. capitalization, acidification, alphabetization, cannibalization;
  7. demilitarization, americanization, decriminalization, antidiscrimination;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for creation:

Afrikaans words for Creation

vorming, skepping.

Arabic word for Creation


Dutch words for Creation

oprichting, aanleg, creatie, totstandkoming, schepping, verwezenlijking, aanmaak, totstandbrenging.

French words for Creation

conception, production, création, constitution, univers.

German words for Creation

anlegen, Entwurf, Gestaltung, Ernennung, Gebilde, Bildung, Werk, Errichtung, Erstellung, Herstellung, Erzeugnis, Schaffung, Schöpfung, Kreation, Erzeugung, Formation, Etablierung, Erschaffung, Erfindung, Generierung, Kreierung, Invention.

Hindi word for Creation


Italian word for Creation


Japanese words for Creation

創造, 制作, 生成, クリエーション, 天地創造, 造成, 創造物, 創始, そうぞうぶつ, 創見, ぞうせい, 開闢, かいびゃく, てんちそうぞう, そうし, せいさく.

Javanese word for Creation


Korean word for Creation


Malay word for Creation


Marathi word for Creation


Norwegian word for Creation


Polish words for Creation

powstanie, tworzenie, stworzenie, utworzenie, ustanowienie, kreowanie, kreacja.

Romanian word for Creation


Russian words for Creation

создание, творение, созидание.

Swedish word for Creation


Tamil word for Creation


Turkish word for Creation


Ukrainian word for Creation


Vietnamese word for Creation

sự sáng tạo.