How To Spell credit?

Correct spelling: credit

What is the definition of credit?

  1. give credit for; "I credit you with saving his life"

What does the abbreviation credit mean?

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What are the rhymes for credit?

  1. edit;
  2. discredit;

What are the translations for credit?

Arabic word for Credit


Bengali word for Credit


Chinese words for Credit

学分, 贷款, 信用卡, 入计, 功劳, 计入, 贷记, 声望, 信誉.

Dutch words for Credit

krediet, tegoed, eer, lening.

French words for Credit

actif, confiance, crédit, croyance, foi.

German words for Credit

ansehen, Geltung, entlasten, Schein, Verdienst, anrechnen, Guthaben, Quellenangabe, Entlastung, Darlehen, Kredit, Auszeichnung, vertrauen, Gutschrift, Ehre, Pump, gutschreiben, Glaube, Kreditwürdigkeit, Gutpunkt, Danksagung, Namensnennung, kreditieren, Glauben schenken.

Hindi word for Credit


Japanese words for Credit

信用, クレジット, しんよう, 信憑, 懸け, しんぴょう, 信用販売.

Korean word for Credit


Marathi word for Credit


Norwegian word for Credit


Polish words for Credit

uznanie, kredyt, kredytowy, zaliczenie.

Portuguese words for Credit

crédito, acreditar, fé.

Spanish words for Credit

haber, confianza, atribuir, reconocimiento, mérito, abonar, ingresar, honor, motivo de orgullo, hacer honor, llenar de honor, bonificar.

Turkish word for Credit


Ukrainian word for Credit


Vietnamese word for Credit

tín dụng.