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How To Spell cree?

Correct spelling: cree

List of misspellings for cree:

  • doree,
  • creit,
  • coure,
  • qwere,
  • tjere,
  • creeek,
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  • coruge,
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What does the abbreviation cree mean?


Cree as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Cree), is a variant of Crecia (Latin).

Related words for cree

Chapleau Cree Fox Lake


Chapleau Cree Fox Lake is a First Nations reserve close to Chapleau, Ontario. It is one of the reserves of the Chapleau Cree First Nation.

Charissa Chamorro


American television actress

Charissa Cree Chamorro is an American television actress of Chilean heritage, best known for her leading roles on such soap operas as Guiding Light as Victoria "Tory" Granger and One Life to Live as Detective Sophia Pellegrino.

Kelly Lake, British Columbia


Kelly Lake is community in the Peace River Country of northeastern British Columbia, Canada, located just west of the border with the province of Alberta.

Wandering Spirit


Wandering Spirit was a Cree war chief of a band of Plains Cree.

York Factory First Nation


York Landing, Manitoba is a community in Manitoba, Canada. It is located along the eastern bank of the Nelson River, roughly halfway between Lake Winnipeg and Hudson Bay, and it is located 116 kilometres from Thompson, Manitoba.

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Rhymes for cree:

  1. tea, enrollee, degree, brie, yangtze, esprit, m3, marquis, lp, detainee, rb, d, ib, gutsy, whoopee, glee, repartee, tyree, he, valoree, bourgeoisie, vi, hee, jubilee, magee, flee, ravi, debris, sightsee, nghi, tennessee, xi, bt, draftee, rosalee, kee, referee, vendee, we, sze, me, chea, qi, marquee, ghee, thee, ki, bree, three, tv, kea, mi, jie, lee, te, mee, ze, franchisee, nestle, bui, cc, rosemarie, mpg, pattee, cat-3, pree, oad, c, wee, trainee, lxi, ddt, ski, yie, crea, slee, plea, mcghee, ree, spree, pea, ip, ofc, mea, ye, pawnee, disagree, tee, je, mc, bbc, enlistee, banshee, waikiki, re, yee, klee, sci, the, xie, yi, bibi, inductee, bee, sheree, syp, zea, guarani, fop, nic, cac, yippee, louie, curie, v, she, brea, free, prix, thi, cie, licensee, jessee, sea, dea, li, b, andree, ee, mme, shi, p, pri, goatee, quay, khe, nee, t, tree, guarantee, oversea, retiree, marie, odp, escapee, dsv, g, decree, ged, guaranty, thierry, shri, apc, z, c3, cod, se, smee, jee, blea, si, dupree, cd, markee, emcee, ranee, nie, mit, undersea, nominee, fi, gee, ve, conferee, quai, sie, de, ji, cxc, mcgee, mt, njt, chablis, resignee, snee, kyi, potpourri, musee, cyb, designee, ot, tse, internee, trustee, key, fee, spie, ti, henri, lsd, nabil, lessee, be, chee, rea, qui, loree, fsi, jaycee, parolee, lea, ne, atp, lavie, id, bea, appointee, zee, indri, foresee, honoree, knee, leigh, capri, vee, dee, dundee, rupee, devotee, gyi, sri, eap, ab, tenn, see, deportee, sep, flea;
  2. alee, adee, ac, albee, agree, achee, abee;
  3. amputee, abt, absentee, adoptee, addressee, amc, adoree;
  4. lapd, knbc, irit, hnat, geac, interviewee;
  5. awb;

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