How To Spell crochet?

Correct spelling: crochet

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What is the definition of crochet?

  1. create by looping or crocheting; "crochet a bedspread"

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What are the translations for crochet?

Arabic word for Crochet

يَحْبِكُ بإبْرَة.

Bengali word for Crochet


Chinese word for Crochet


Dutch word for Crochet


French words for Crochet

crochet, faire du crochet.

German words for Crochet

Häkelarbeit, Häkeln, Häkelei.

Greek word for Crochet

πλέκω με βελονάκι.

Italian words for Crochet

uncinetto, merletto, lavorare all’uncinetto.

Japanese word for Crochet


Korean word for Crochet

코바늘로 뜨다.

Marathi word for Crochet


Norwegian word for Crochet


Polish word for Crochet


Portuguese words for Crochet

merenda, fazer crochê.

Romanian word for Crochet

a croșeta.

Russian word for Crochet

вязать крючком.

Spanish word for Crochet

hacer ganchillo.

Swedish word for Crochet


Tamil word for Crochet


Turkish word for Crochet


Ukrainian word for Crochet

в´язальний гачок.

Vietnamese word for Crochet

đan bằng kim móc.