How To Spell croquet?

Correct spelling: croquet

What is the definition of croquet?

  1. drive away by hitting with one's ball, of an opponent's ball


Croquet as a boy's name is a variant of Crockett (Middle English), and the meaning of Croquet is "crook".

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This graph shows how "croquet" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for croquet?

  1. Croquet is tough. People play for months because the rules are so bizarre. Those crazy English.

What are the rhymes for croquet?

  1. flay, jay, ca, wy, mei, pray, lait, say, blay, k, spray, hwe, hay, play, pei, prey, dae, lei, fe, sze, clay, jae, kaye, quay, tay, may, khe, hey, saye, klay, se, drey, ley, ae, stay, sway, graye, lay, kay, gway, fay, dray, bay, rey, raye, re, wray, quai, cray, fey, tray, frey, gray, ay, ney, che, tae, daye, way, brey, yay, neigh, wey, haye, weigh, paye, jaye, shea, de, shay, day, dey, yea, j, faye, ne, waye, cay, nej, they, sleigh, bey, gaye, wei, trey, grey, mey, whey, bray, vey, maye, pay, sta, slay, stray, fray, nay, mae, brae, ray, rae;
  2. bouquet, belay, gervais, purvey, abbe, fillet, olay, renee, ga, puree, repay, okay, delay, cliche, portray, calais, delray, dossier, jose, mcveigh, b-j, decay, allay, prepay, essay, beauvais, filet, da, valet, survey, risque, macrae, souffle, sorbet, mackay, hurray, sergei, bombay, passe, replay, beret, soiree, dk, levey, toupee, halfway, carre, cafe, asay, display, ek, nikkei, hervey, ballet, buffet, mccrea, nisei, defray, convey, today, cathay, mckay, astray, manet, crochet, dismay, o'shea, ha, hooray, obey, millay, cache, rene, oj, moray, betray, parquet, away, saute, monet, ole, orsay, chalet, array;
  3. overplay, faberge, underway, jna, piaget, attache, disarray, uva, underplay, perrier, cabernet, ira, dak, ekk, cabaret, overstay, chevrolet, aaa, intraday, bta, bua, ita, monterey, disobey, fiance, bouvier, monterrey, cea, lyonnais;
  4. hiaa, cabriolet, foia, noaa, communique, asea, ceta, naivete;
  5. waga;

What are the translations for croquet?

Arabic word for Croquet


Bengali word for Croquet

কাঠের বলখেলা.

Chinese word for Croquet


French word for Croquet


German word for Croquet


Greek word for Croquet


Japanese word for Croquet


Korean word for Croquet

> 크로켓.

Norwegian word for Croquet


Polish word for Croquet


Portuguese word for Croquet


Spanish word for Croquet


Tamil word for Croquet


Turkish word for Croquet


Vietnamese word for Croquet

một lối chơi quần.