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How To Spell crow?

Correct spelling: crow

What are the misspellings for crow ?

  • cro,
  • greww,
  • trouw,
  • grwo,
  • crowl,
  • acrew,
  • narow,
  • cror,
  • arou,
  • growa,
  • crufew,
  • corri,
  • groow,
  • koow,
  • kwow,
  • wrow,
  • croun,
  • nerow,
  • frow,
  • grwow,
  • yrok,
  • pharow,
  • croke,
  • clow,
  • arow,
  • cnow,
  • growe,
  • croth,
  • cron,
  • canow,
  • growwth,
  • crome,
  • creol,
  • kkow,
  • croc,
  • cralw,
  • sorow,
  • crowdy,
  • crowm,
  • crawfor,
  • graoh,
  • growt,
  • crowly,
  • cowri,
  • crawd,
  • croud,
  • tjhrough,
  • soroow,
  • cowar,
  • gronw,
  • ecrow,
  • creon,
  • curior,
  • corwn,
  • crol,
  • corwd,
  • curor,
  • growd,
  • grrew,
  • curfuw,
  • crozy,
  • oror,
  • grpw,
  • aarow,
  • croch,
  • gorow,
  • drow,
  • rror,
  • crowne,
  • carrawy,
  • scrw,
  • colro,
  • carew,
  • sarow,
  • skrow,
  • graow,
  • crowbow,
  • scrow,
  • grouo,
  • cropp,
  • crom,
  • croso,
  • jurror,
  • groiw,
  • graoe,
  • careof,
  • crownn,
  • cros,
  • growm,
  • nerrow,
  • crewl,
  • cario,
  • growh,
  • kroea,
  • cowbow,
  • aroow,
  • corol,
  • kbow,
  • yrou,
  • crout.

What is the definition of crow?

  1. black birds having a raucous call

What does the abbreviation crow mean?

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This graph shows how "crow" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for crow?

  1. It was the biggest suppression of voting rights in our country's history since Jim Crow. And the thread of race runs from the beginning to the end of my book.
  2. Jim Crow was king... and I heard a game in which Jackie Robinson was playing, and I felt pride in being alive.
  3. The wing of the Falcon brings to the king, the wing if the crow brings him to the cemetery.
  4. If I had killed Crow off I can think of least six novels I would never have written, 400, 000 words' worth of very necessary experience.
  5. Recently I heard Sheryl Crow and I loved her, she was terrific.

What are the rhymes for crow?

  1. outgrow, below, mo, ho, row, rho, lowe, koh, monroe, so-so, forgo, jo, roe, poe, munro, peugeot, cousteau, beau, ro, cloe, snow, noe, escoe, rouleau, know, nouveau, marceau, tow, tableau, luo, tho, chateaux, slow, bro, kowtow, loe, flo, rondeau, poh, bestow, so, undergo, sow, papo, go, zoh, sew, bo, glo, aux, inco, yau, giraud, vo, fro, sgro, tyo, flow, strow, turbot, forego, yoe, bio, wo, devaux, uno, gogh, mow, woe, doh, thoreau, whoa, dau, cho, eau, margaux, owe, dough, trow, goh, bordeaux, loewe, hello, bow, thibault, noh, cro, plateau, rowe, rideau, chateau, perot, beaux, defoe, tso, o', renaud, oh, loew, chau, stowe, hoe, escrow, kyo, kayo, cabo, goe, ow, sloe, blow, tallyho, nau, doe, coe, au, mau, plough, glow, hoh, quo, gau, yoh, ko, pro, toe, though, throw, grow, loh, tarot, floe, ngo, gloe, moe, roh, yo, show, low, stow, bowe, boe, foe, truffaut, co, joh, lo, joe, tableaux, gro;
  2. renault, arnault, although, arnaud, ago, pernod, aglow, miro;
  3. overflow, imo, taekwondo, apropos, eeo, ivo;
  4. celo;

What are the translations for crow?

Arabic word for Crow


Dutch words for Crow

kraai, kruk.

French words for Crow

chanter, se vanter, pavoiser, corbeau, fanfaronner, corneille, chant du coq, cocorico, gazouillis.

German words for Crow

angeben, jubeln, jauchzen, krähen, schreien, frohlocken, auftrumpfen, juchzen, triumphieren, Krähe.

Greek word for Crow


Hindi word for Crow


Italian word for Crow


Malay word for Crow


Norwegian word for Crow


Polish word for Crow


Romanian word for Crow


Russian words for Crow

кукарекать, ворона, ворон.

Spanish words for Crow

alardear, pavonearse, cuervo, cacarear, corneja.

Swedish words for Crow

karga, kråka.

Tamil word for Crow


Ukrainian word for Crow


Vietnamese word for Crow

con quạ.