How To Spell crowd?

Correct spelling: crowd

What is the definition of crowd?

  1. an informal body of friends; "he still hangs out with the same crowd"

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What are the rhymes for crowd?

  1. loud, how'd, sowed, stroud, proud, ploughed, vowed, shroud, wowed, bowed, cloud, browed, cowed, plowed, mcleod;
  2. unbowed, endowed, macleod, aloud, enshroud, allowed, avowed;
  3. disallowed, disavowed;

What are the translations for crowd?

Afrikaans word for Crowd


Arabic word for Crowd


Bengali word for Crowd


Chinese word for Crowd


Dutch words for Crowd

publiek, menigte, mensenmassa.

French words for Crowd

public, auditoire, spectateurs, foule, attroupement, encombrer, entasser, bousculer, marée humaine, affluence.

German words for Crowd

Menge, Masse, Gesellschaft, Haufen, Ansammlung, Publikum, Aufgebot, Menschenmenge, Menschenmasse, Schar, Korona, Pulk, Zuschauermenge, Volksmenge, Menschenauflauf, Völkchen, Sippschaft, Auflauf, bedrängen, auf die Pelle rücken, sich andrängen, Meute.

Greek word for Crowd


Italian word for Crowd


Japanese words for Crowd

群衆, 群集, クラウド, 人だかり, 大ぜい, 人出, 人集り, ひとだかり, 押し合う, 密集, むれ, 一群, 群をなす, むらがり, ひとむら, 群がり, 詰込む, 簇り, ぐんしゅ, 群を成す, ひとで, みっしゅう, ひとむれ, ぐんをなす, 一叢, 一群れ, 簇がり, 犇めく, 犇めき, ぐんしゅう, 押合う, 押しあう, いちぐん, むれる, ひしめく, おおぜい, つめ込む, 詰め込む, たいぜい, おしあう, ひしめき, 叢り, 群れる.

Javanese word for Crowd

Wong akeh.

Korean word for Crowd


Norwegian word for Crowd


Papiamento word for Crowd


Portuguese words for Crowd

multidão, atestar, plateia, massa.

Romanian word for Crowd


Russian words for Crowd

толпа, скопление людей.

Spanish words for Crowd

multitud, llenar, banda, inundar, empujar, gente, masa, muchedumbre, público, pandilla, acosar, apiñarse, abarrotar, espectadores, auditorio, turba, torcida, bullicio, amontonamiento, amontonarse, gentío, turbamulta, apiñamiento, apelotonamiento, populacho, apelotonar, aglomerarse, llenar hasta los topes, galera.

Swedish word for Crowd


Tamil word for Crowd


Turkish word for Crowd


Ukrainian word for Crowd


Vietnamese word for Crowd

đám đông.