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What are the rhymes for cruise?

  1. chuse, cruse, ensues, roos, druze, ooze, refuse, infuse, hues, toulouse, fuse, confuse, booze, news, transfuse, suffuse, queues, pews, enthuse, crews, who's, dews, ruse, spews, tattoos, stews, oohs, brews, luse, clues, blues, use, taboos, foos, snooze, koos, views, peruse, muse, moos, misuse, choose, boos, sues, excuse, kruse, revues, bruise, joos, lose, ques, miscues, woos, coups, skews, ewes, hughes, dues, drews, shrews, renews, kuse, sous, recuse, mews, whose, meuse, pursues, defuse, buse, tews, loos, jews, luiz, screws, druse, clews, tewes, reviews, schmooze, soos, shoes, cues, cruz, glues, twos, canoes, goos, mewes, reuse, hews;
  2. abuse, accrues, accuse, bemuse, diffuse, amuse;
  3. overuse, disabuse, kangaroos;

What are the translations for cruise?

Arabic word for Cruise

رِحْلَة بَحْرِيَّة.

Bengali word for Cruise


Chinese words for Cruise

巡航, 游轮, 邮輪, 巡弋, 游弋, 驾艇, 航游.

Dutch words for Cruise

cruise, rondvaart, kruisvlucht, patrouilleren, surveilleren, een cruise maken, rondrijden.

French words for Cruise

rouler, croiser, voler, naviguer, croisière, être en croisière, être en maraude.

German words for Cruise

Fahrt, kreuzen, Kreuzfahrt, Rundfahrt, Seereise, herumfahren, mit Reisegeschwindigkeit fliegen oder fahren, Törn, Segeltörn, Schiffsreise, eine Kreuzfahrt machen.

Greek word for Cruise


Hindi word for Cruise


Italian word for Cruise


Japanese word for Cruise


Korean word for Cruise


Malay word for Cruise


Marathi word for Cruise


Polish word for Cruise

wycieczka morska.

Portuguese words for Cruise

viagem, cruzeiro, de cruzeiro.

Romanian word for Cruise


Russian word for Cruise


Spanish words for Cruise

viaje, navegar, crucero, hacer un crucero, viajar en crucero.

Swedish word for Cruise


Tamil word for Cruise


Turkish word for Cruise


Ukrainian word for Cruise


Vietnamese word for Cruise

cuộc đi chơi biển bằng tàu thủy.